How to Resolve Common Residential Heating Problems

Heat is a basic need in life. Without this precious element many people would have a hard time surviving. Thankfully, nearly every home in America has a heating system. This is a good thing, especially for people who live in parts of the country where the winters are brutal and extremely frigid. While heating systems are available inside of most homes, they sometimes malfunction or breakdown. The material listed below will help homeowners to resolve some common problems they might experience with their heating unit. 

Poor Insulation and Heat Loss 

When a home is not properly insulated it will lose heat. Many people that live in places where the winter season can be very cold typically have poor insulated. Heating Cincinnati OH is a cold place where property owners typically do not have the proper insulation. Their doors and windows have not been properly sealed, and the attic area of their homes do not have adequate protection. 

In some cases, homeowners lose heat because they have the wrong size furnace providing warmth into their environment. According to the Department of Energy, many American consumers are wasting between $200 – $400 a year on heat loss. Proper insulation will not only help people to stay warm it will also help to save them money. 

Malfunctioning On/Off Cycles and Inadequate Heating 

Sometimes heating loss is due to a malfunctioning on/off cycle. When a system’s on/off cycle does not work properly, a home will typically not receive enough energy to keep its occupants warm. On/off cycle malfunction happens more often than people realize. This type of issue happens when a HVAC is faulty or when it has some type of electrical problem. The best way to resolve this matter is to hire a HVAC technician to repair the unit. 

The Pilot Light will not Stay Lit 

When a pilot light goes out on a furnace that will end up being a big problem for homeowners. Normally, a homeowner will have to contact their gas supplier to ensure that there isn’t a leak with the unit. Homeowners are also advised to have their air seal inspected by a HVAC technician when their pilot light repeatedly fails to light. 

A Faulty Thermostat Can Contribute to Heat Loss 

Hometips is an online home advice site. The experts on this site state that a home’s thermostat could be the issue resulting in heat loss. If this is the case, your unit will cause your HVAC system to run abnormally or not at all. This type of problem can only be corrected by fixing the current thermostat, getting a replacement or reinstalling the unit. Once again, an HVAC technician should be used for this kind of work unless a person can do this type of job on their own. 

Dirty Air Filters Will Reduce a Unit’s Heating Ability 

The filters on a heating unit should be periodically changed. Once air filters become dirty and covered with soot they can keep heated air from properly circulating within a home. The best way to alleviate this problem is by routinely changing the filters. These are some of the common problems that create heat loss. Homeowners can overcome these issues by properly maintaining their HVAC system and by using the services of an HVAC technician.

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