How To Get More Life Out Of Your Old Carpet

Just because your carpet looks a little worn out and faded does not necessarily mean it’s time to pull it up and toss it out. Your carpeting may still have some life left in it after all, you just need to know how to revitalize and refresh that expensive floor covering. After all, you invested a considerable amount of money into that long lasting carpet, you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

But you don’t want to be living with a discolored eyesore that reminds you just how old and beat up it is each and every time you walk over it. The good thing is you don’t have to.

There are things you can do to bring that old carpet back to life and some things you should stop doing that are aging the carpet much quicker than you probably realize.

So let’s take a look at the ways in which you can preserve your carpeting and get some more life out of it before you decide to replace it entirely. You won’t just be saving money, you’ll be getting more value from the money you’ve already spent on your floor coverings.

Routine Cleaning

Perhaps one of the main reasons your carpet isn’t looking as fresh and clean as it once did is because it’s been a little too long between cleanings. Having a professional carpet cleaning service in kirkland wa come over and give the carpeting a good deep clean can be a beneficial first step towards sprucing it up.

Deep cleaning can get all the germs and contaminants that are ground into the pile of the carpet. These are the particles that you probably won’t reach with normal everyday vacuuming. A professional touch can also lift those stubborn stains and discolored patches that are negatively affecting the appearance of your fibers.

Speaking of vacuuming, routine cleaning also requires you to put together a vacuuming program and sticking to it. That doesn’t mean you get around to it when you have the time, a good vacuuming program is when you establish specific days on which you vacuum the entire area where carpet has been installed.

You must also consider how much foot traffic the carpet sees on a regular basis. If there are pets or children in the home, you’re going to want to vacuum more often than normal. A good rule of thumb for deciding on how often to vacuum is to set a day per individual living in the household. If there are two of you, then set two days for vacuuming. Three people, three days.

This may sound like a lot but it will certainly make a big difference in the look and feel of your old carpet.

Over-Cleaning Your Carpet

Yes it’s a thing and it’s possible that you’re committing this crime against your carpet. But what’s the big deal, right? How is it even feasible to clean a carpet too much? Up above I was just talking about vacuuming it three times a week.

But many homeowners, particularly those of you who own those fancy household steam cleaners, may be aging your carpet and making it look worn out and tired because you’re being excessive about keeping it from looking dirty and dingy.

Deep cleanings aren’t just beneficial but essential to keeping your carpet looking and feeling its best which is why it’s recommended that you have it done once a year. Even those households with high levels of foot traffic should only have a deep cleaning performed every nine months, give or take.

Some of you are cleaning the carpet every month and doing so using a steam cleaner. This is bad. Very bad. The reason being that you shouldn’t be exposing your carpet to that much moisture on a regular basis. It can lead to the material breaking down and mold or mildew growing underneath. Now you’ve not only reduced the appearance of the carpet you’ve made it unhealthy to go near due to the toxicity developing under it.

Cleaning is important. Over-cleaning is to be avoided.

Carpet Repairs

Nothing makes a carpet look old and tired more than holes or tears in the material. But carpeting that see high levels of foot traffic can begin to show signs of wear and tear, literally, and when that happens you need to make some repairs. If you have some scraps or remnants lying around the house, you can easily patch up the damage by cutting out the affected area and replacing it with part of your remnant.

Some careful measuring, trimming, and brushing can eliminate those damaged areas entirely and leave your carpet looking good as new.

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