How to decorate the garden

Having a nice garden, well-kept and furnished, though small in size, valorize so much a home. And it takes little to decorate with taste a garden. In fact, once you have chosen the style, you need to buy the indispensable furnishing elements to house friends and relatives in a cozy and functional environment. Let yourself be inspired by the choice from the wide range of Masoni garden furnishings for beautiful to see and functional furniture solutions.

Having a spacious garden is a real fortune and, if well organized, it can become the home of the most experienced home in the warm months of the year. For this reason, it is useful to create shadings with neighbors to have a more private environment. Start from the perimeter by installing dividing panels on which climbing plants will grow.

To increase intimacy in areas closer to home, you can build a masonry tub on which to cultivate your ornamental plants. This solution will offer a natural filter and frame a relaxation area with a set of landscaped gardens, where you can invite your guests to take an aperitif.

Sunbeds can’t miss at poolside pools. Masoni Design recommends choosing all the furniture in the same color shades, giving the garden an ordered appearance. Finally, in front of the entrance to the house, you realize a raised area with a wooden flooring, allowing you to have an easier area to clean, you can set up with a large table where you can eat outdoors.

As for the table with chairs, the advice is to prefer those in weatherproof materials such as synthetic rattan, so you can leave the furniture in the garden even in winter.

Remember that it is important to have a good covering (gazebo, umbrella, etc) for the evening hours (to protect yourself from moisture) and during the sunshine (to have a shaded area). Our advice is to choose reclosable versions to better manage the spaces.

Do not forget, finally, a good lighting system that allows you to have soft light, romantic evenings and live light for party evenings.

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