Get Beautiful Trees This Spring

When it comes to your home this spring, there’s a lot of work you’ll need to do before you can enjoy a perfectly groomed yard. Between mowing the grass and planting perennials don’t forget about giving your trees a little TLC this season. The maples, pines, and elms on your property go a long way to beautifying your yard and increasing the curb appeal of your home so be sure to add them to your list of chores.

It’s not just your yard that requires work. The trees all over the world need a little bit of help before they’re ready to embrace spring on a happy and healthy foot (or should we say root?). In a city like Edmonton, which boasts the largest urban park system in all of North America, trees play an important part of the character and health of its communities. If you want to learn about parks in your area check out the link provided, and see how Edmonton encourages a green urban landscape.

While the City of Edmonton, for example, will have municipal employees who will care for the trees in their parks, you won’t have the luxury. In your own yard, you have two options. One is attempting to take on the springtime maintenance of your elms on your own, while the other is entrusting it to a paid professional.

While a DIY approach is certainly cheaper on paper, it may cost you things you aren’t willing to sacrifice. Pruning limbs and removing dead branches can be incredibly dangerous if you aren’t used to working with the equipment needed to make these cuts at dizzying heights. Making the wrong decision with tools you’re unfamiliar with can result in property damage — or worse. According to the latest studies, roughly 580 homeowners died while trimming trees between 2009 and 2015.

Rather than risk your life in order to clean up your yard this spring, call an ISA-certified arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture has created this accreditation in order to give consumers an easy way to ensure their choice of arborist is a safe one. Arborists have to demonstrate considerable skill and experience in their field in order to receive this accreditation, so stick with only those experts that can prove they’re certified.

With their help, you can check off tree pruning, removal, and any number of maintenance issues that your property needs. Remember the ISA advantage. This certificate will help you find a professional who can prepare your yard just in time for the season.

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