Effective ways to get rid of termites

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests that invade your homes. They can destroy your furniture and all woodworks in a matter of a few days. There are two types of termites namely, subterranean termites and dry wood termites. A lot of care should be taken to treat one’s home to prevent termites. But people often neglect it to save a few bucks. But they fail to realize that if you home is infested with termites; it costs much more to get rid of them then. Now, if your house has already been infested with termites, you have a huge task in your hands, but worry not, it is definitely achievable. Learn more about termite people here.

If it is just a few furniture pieces that have been destroyed, you are lucky that you have found them out before they spread to the entire house. You can put these furniture pieces in the sun.

Learn more about Sunlight

Termites cannot survive in the sunlight. So leave the furniture in the sunlight for a few days and you are done. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rainfall and you don’t get in light, you can even freeze your furniture. Termites cannot withstand extreme temperatures, be it sunlight or freezing temperatures. Freezing is not a very practical method, though.

Another method for small infestations is the cardboard method. If there is infestation in a concentrated area, you can use this method. In this method, one has to stack cardboards and spray it with some water. Since termites get attracted to it, they will leave your furniture and feast on the cardboard. Then you can throw away the cardboard pieces. This process can be repeated till all of the termites are gone. Another method that you can do yourself without professional help is using nematodes. Nematodes are worms which feed on termites’ larvae. You can add these to the affected areas so that the nematodes feed on termites’ nests and larvae. Very soon, the nematodes will kill all termites and their larvae.

If the infestation is in an advanced stage, you will need professional help. The three best methods of professional help are boric acid treatment, microwave spot treatment and termite control chemical treatments. Boric acid treatment dehydrates the termites and attacks their nervous system. You can treat your furniture with boric acid by spraying furniture with it or you can also place boric acid in gardens. Soon you will start seeing dead termites all along the boric acid stations that you have placed in the gardens.

Microwave spot treatment needs tools that will not be available in the market to everyone. The house has to be vacated for a while and then the temperature in the house is increased using the micro wave generator. Since termites cannot withstand high temperature, they will die. Another professional chemical treatment is using chemicals like Termider SC and Taurus SC around the boundary of the houses. These are very strong chemicals which leave your house termite-free.

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