Best Lithium Ion Cordless Drill

Lithium-ion batteries have played a significant role in the market of Cordless Drills. They are a combination featherweight high energy power banks. Starting from the very basic models of the lithium-ion batteries, they have been able to boost the capacity of the Cordless Drill.

What lithium based Cordless Drill should have-criteria for determining the best lithium Ion drill

Simply drive a fixed number of screws into surfaces of similar tensile strength. Measure the battery level that would be remaining after all the holes have been made. The one that still has a lot of charges stands out among the best lithium-ion Cordless Drills. Use this article to compare cordless drill manufacturers.

This will enable you to choose the right drill for use because:

  • You will determine the charging frequency of the drill.
  • You will also be exposed to the kinds of tasks that each drill can be used for

Bearing this in mind, the following are the best lithium Ion drills:

Craftsman drill

It has the ½ lithium-ion cell that has everlasting life.


The ½ inch Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt has the following salient features

  • A 20+adjustable torque clutch that produces enough energy to handle most high resistant surfaces
  • Keyless chucks that that tightens the bits securely
  • Unloaded gearbox
  • It has a well-made bag and a lifetime charger


  • It is easy to determine the battery life
  • The LED lights are placed in an ideal place to provide lighting in less lit areas.
  • Also, its bottom-heavy bias helps it stand firmly upright on a bench.
  • It is easy to stores after use because of its well-rounded bottom that enables it to firmly stand on the bench


It can cause injuries if the reverse switch is not well handled.

Detlev Pro Cordless Drill

Its lithium ions last for a long period of time than what most users anticipate.


  • 1 x DETLEV PRO 6104 Cordless Drill with more than 8 driver and drill bits
  • A huge extension holder for the driver and drill bits
  • A great user manual
  • A carrying case made from high quality material


  • Rubberized casing is soft enough which makes it easy to handle
  • The LED light gives lighting in dim areas and indicates when the device needs to be recharged
  • The carrying case would last as long as the device. It is handy for carrying the device and storing it too.
  • It can be used on various materials such as wood, concrete as well as hard metal surfaces.
  • It comes in various designs which suits most of the customer demands.
  • It has a flexible head shaft.


  • It can only be charged with the factory charger
  • It cannot be used without safety googlies
  • it cannot be used on water based surfaces

Thanks for reading my article on the best cordless drill with good batteries.

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