Are You Confused About Choice Between Blinds and Shutters?

Gone are the days when people purchased only expensive curtains for decorating and covering windows. These days, due to the availability of attractive blinds and shutters, people need to choose one that catches their eye. There are some groups of people who favor blinds for their window and on the other hand few prefer to use shutters. Let us therefore list out the pros and cons of both the options and leave it to the readers to decide any one that appeals to them.

Let us therefore first of all start with blinds. The following are the list of things that goes in favor of the blinds.

  • If you are looking for blinds then you can get many different varieties of available that you can easily match with the décor of your rooms.
  • Color is also not an issue with the blinds as they are available in many different colors.
  • If you look at the catalog for blinds then you will find blinds of many different styles e.g. vertical, Roman, roller, Venetian, blackout, wooden and pleated etc.
  • You can also opt for aluminum blinds, if you want to use them in bathroom where there is a possibility of dampness or you can choose wooden blinds to get better aesthetics. There are choices available for every room.
  • You can easily customize according to your window dimensions and with the help of any professional installer, you can easily blend with your windows.
  • It is much softer and gentle to handle and offers a very decent look.

Now following are few odds about blinds.

  • Few blind styles get damaged very easily and particularly its mechanism goes wrong after using it for some time.
  • Needs lots of time to clean
  • Due to constant exposure to sunlight its color tends to fade

Now let us talk about shutters. Following are the list of advantages with the shutters.

  • Shutters are long lasting and provide a classic look to the interior.
  • It will allow gentle light inside the room and the environment will remain fresh
  • It looks beautiful for bay windows
  • Plenty of designs are available
  • It will give a unique look to your room.
  • As compared to blinds, you will need less amount of maintenance and you can easily clean them without any hassle
  • Its mechanism may not get damaged easily like blinds.
  • It is better for maintaining security and heat inside the room.
  • No chords or rods like in case of blinds.
  • Easy to customize according to your window sizes.

Following are few points that goes against shutters.

  • It is little costlier option as compared to blinds.
  • Shutter may take more space as compared to blinds.

Now, you have seen both advantages as well as disadvantages of blind and shutter so that you can decide your choice. You also know what your budget is. Now, visit the website www.theblindandshuttergallery and look for both the items and their prize details and select one that appeals to you the most.

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