All You Need to Know About Having a Fence Installed

You can do renovations to your home to increase its value, but there is nothing quite like a fence to change the way your home functions. Fencing is ideal for homes with pets, children and homeowners who just want more privacy and security. Adding a fence to your home is a relatively quick project that can be done in less than a week and cost anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. By choosing a Nortex fence, you’re choosing one of the highest-quality companies to do the job for you. 

Why You Need a Fence 

There are several reasons and benefits to getting a fence installed, all of which can add to the comfort and value of your home. First, you’re adding to the value of the property by putting in a fence. Many home buyers look for homes specifically that have fences. If you have a dog, it’s also required by law that they be contained inside of a fence. This allows your dog enough room to play and run without the worry that they are loose and can hurt a neighbor or themselves. If you have kids, the fence provides a barrier of protection to prevent them from wandering off when they’re outside playing. We all want our kids to spend more time outdoors, but when you put them outside without a fence, you put restrictions on them for where they can and cannot go. A fence also adds to the privacy and security of your home. Wooden fences prevent people from looking through and any type of fence will deter intruders from climbing to enter the home. 

Materials Available 

Fencing materials come in all different varieties. The sturdiest fencing material is chain link and other metal types. Powder-coated metal withstands the harsh weather conditions in any state, whether this is blaring sun or disastrous snow. Wooden fences are more ideal for privacy issues or to give a rustic look to your Texas home, however, they do not last if metal types and will require more maintenance. It’s important to discuss pricing with your fencing company to determine which material is best for your home. 

Maintenance and Care 

All fences need some type of maintenance and care over the years. A well-constructed fence can last anywhere from five years to 30 years depending on its environment and how well it was maintained. If you have wooden fencing, you’ll want to check the pillars every year to see if they are loose. If they are, you can pour extra cement to keep them sturdy or have a fencing company do this for you. Metal fencing can also fall, and if you notice the fence becoming shaky, it’s time to get the fencing professionals in to fix the issue. If the fence you have is decaying, rusted or has totally fallen, it might be time to replace it completely with either the same material or a new type of fence.

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