All About Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

Whether you’re renovating any of your utility space or starting from scratch, using blue subway tile backsplash as your primary tiling material can inject personality and style to your space. There are many types of tiles to choose from, but blue subway tiles are more appealing than other backsplashes. They look sleek and futuristic especially if they are complimented with compatible grout color, design themes, and color schemes. Here are some ideas to get you started on installing your subway tiles.

Why Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

This tile was the most commonly used tile during the Victorian era. Today, it’s still so popular that most homeowners prefer using it for their backsplashes. Many tile manufacturers redesigned the original look of this Victorian-themed tile to make it easy to install and streamline its shape. So, aside from the fact that this is a well-love tile by the majority, here are additional reasons on why you should choose this backsplash.


This tile has a Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rating of 3; therefore, it can be utilized in both commercial and residential spaces for walls and countertops.

-Traditionally well-made

Blue subway tiles are often used in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Its glossy blue design is a good accompaniment for light and weak colors such as flesh, white, and yellow-green.


It is relatively durable and can withstand strong blows and high heat.


You can make patterns using blue subway tiles in whatever layout you imagine like zig-zag, horizontal, vertical, off-center, stacked, and chevron patterns.


Most subway tiles are tested and standardized to give your utility area a high-class appeal. Standard grade subway tiles are made of tightly compact molecules, so you can be assured of their durability. They are also designed with glossy finishes so that light and color can be reflected throughout the space that they will be installed.

Blue Subway Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

Backsplashes are commonly used in bathroom and kitchen walls and countertops. But, these are not the only areas that you can place your new glossy subway tiles.

  • Take your backsplash to the ceiling

This may sound outrageous but designing your ceiling with shiny blue backsplashes is both unique and creative. Walking below an ocean-like ceiling is incredible; you can see yourself reflected on dark blue shiny tiles. Although this project is hard to put into action, and you may need to hire a professional tile setter, every penny and effort is worth it.

  • Use large subway tiles

3’’ x 6’’ is the commonly used type of subway tile. It is a testament to conventional function and design, but the majority is starting to crave for something new. Nowadays, manufacturers are producing 4’’ x 8’’ and 4’’ x 12’’ subway tiles to meet the demands of consumers. Most homeowners love large blue subway backsplashes for their classic and clean look. They also prefer this type of subway tiles because it is easier to clean and maintain than the traditional 3’’ x 6’’ tile.

For small kitchens, it’s advisable to install large tiles because it makes small spaces look large. In addition, 4’’ x 12’’ subway tiles create a perception of continuity if you install your backsplash to the ceiling as well. On top of all of that, don’t forget the fact that having large tiles means having few grout lines to clean.

  • Patterns

Although subway tiles are naturally durable and hard to cut, this doesn’t mean that you cannot customize them. With tools like a wet saw or tile cutter, you can shape your backsplashes based on your preference. You can experiment with different tile patterns or hire a professional to create your dream space. The most popular tile patterns for this year include:


-Laser-cut tile

-Moroccan fish scale

-Chevron tile backsplash

  • Choose interesting finishes

A glossy finish is the most common glaze for subway tiles; however, it’s not the only one. If you want an aged-looking subway tile, then look for backsplashes with a weathered finish. If you want a washed-out look, buy tiles glazed with acid. Most finishes aim to mimic natural appearances. For example, you can get large blue tiles that look like a stone’s surface, or marble-like subway tiles that have a matte or flat finish. There is more than a dozen of finishes that you can choose from. Whether you desire reflective, glossy, country, rustic, weathered, or aged finish for any of your utility area, they are available if you select blue subway tile backsplash as your primary tiling material.

For years, backsplashes serve as an important object for any kitchen or bathroom remodel. Traditional materials like blue subway tile backsplash and mosaic tiles are being used for decades, and they are still in the top five most-loved backsplashes. They bring out the creativeness and passion of homeowners because they’re versatile even if they’re highly durable.

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