A List of the Top Lighting Design Tips from the Experts

Lighting is incredibly important, but so often people fail to plan ahead and have the right lighting installed. In fact, often the lighting is only considered when the budget has run out. Giving it the proper amount of thought is therefore crucial, and it often pays to hire a designer to help you in your development.

Adding beautiful pieces of art and decoration may help make your home more interesting, but without the proper kind of lighting, the artifacts will never stand out and show their full potential. It’s not just about creating ambience or bringing enough illumination to a certain area in the house; it’s about making things come to life. Not everyone can afford to get the professional design they need, however. Thinking about improving your lighting but want to do it by yourself? No problem; here is a list of the tip lighting tips from the experts.

Use dimmer switches

The traditional on and off switch works great if you’re okay with a simple setting, but to set the mood, whatever the occasion may be or whatever time of day it is, you need a dimmer switch. The dimmer allows you control over the light, and a little darker or brighter setting does wonders for the atmosphere.

Lighting arrangement is an art

It’s the most tricky part of the lighting aspect, and it may take a couple of tries to get it right, but it’s well worth the experimentation. Pick the most prominent aspects of the room (whether they be empty space, art décor, or a beautiful rug or carpet) and highlight it. The colour, temperature, and distribution of the light become incredibly important for this part.

Different lights for different times

You want to envision your room at different times of the day, so different kinds of lighting can be used. Picture different scenarios and have various lights installed for different times of the day.

Think your budget through

You don’t have to buy the expensive stuff – prepare a budget and stick with it. Often beautiful items can be bought cheap, and by combining several pieces, you can create your own master design.

Set various scenes

Integrate different kinds of ambient light, task light, and lights for highlighting items. Look at how well the combination works together.

Of course, if at all possible, think about incorporating energy efficiency – not only does it allow you to be environmentally friendly, it also ensures you can save some money at the end of the month. Energy efficient LED bulbs, which are also perfect for industrial lighting décor such as industrial spotlights and pendant lights, for example, are not only cheap to install, but reduce your electric bill considerably. The most important thing is to plan ahead and think about your lighting needs well in advance. Proper lighting should never be underestimated.

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