6 Ways To Use Your New Loft

More and more people are turning to a loft conversion to maximise the space they have in their homes. Not only are lofts conversions more affordable than building extensions they are also more versatile. When you choose to extend your home you need to be sure that you will be able to use the space to its fullest potential.

Here are 6 ways you can use your new loft space:

Home Office

Your new loft is great for use as a home office. With the easy and simple addition of an internet line or Wi-Fi and a desk, you are set to go. You will quickly find that your loft perfectly drowns out those noises which distract you while you work. If you want to take it one step further and are expecting people to visit your office you can decorate it with a few couches.

Children’s Room

As your children get older you will find that they will need a little more space. They need to be able to use this space to find who they are and know that they can be relaxed in their own environment. Turning your new loft into a child’s bedroom is a great idea. Help them move their furniture into the loft and let your child choose the colours which they want their room to be.

Guest Room

If you often expect guests to arrive at your home you might want to turn your new loft into a guest bedroom. This will work particularly well if you have included a bathroom in the design of your loft. Give the room a theme and decorate it accordingly. Your guests will enjoy spending time in their room. When you do not have guests you can always rent out the room and earn a little extra cash.

Rent It Out

Renting your new loft to guests is a great way to make a little extra money. The money you spent on creating your loft will quickly pay off once you start booking guests online. Remember that themed rooms with access to the internet can be charged at higher rates.

Home Library

If you are an avid bookworm why not turn your new loft into a tranquil reading space. Put up a few shelves and fill them with your favourite reads. Add in a few comfortable bean bags and a coffee machine and your set to go. If you have a sunny loft you’ll find that you will spend quite a bit of time up there in winter.

Extra Storage Space

If you do not have plans to use your new loft as a room you can always opt to use the area to store goods which are not used every day. That camping equipment that only gets used once a year or those hobby items which are always getting in the way not have their own space. Using your loft as storage space will ensure that you can quickly and easily de-clutter your home.

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