4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

When living in the city, it is hard to find spacious apartments on a budget. You can opt to move to a cheaper neighborhood, but when the alternatives are far away, you have to make do with what you have. There is an art to living in tiny homes, it reflects in the design of the space and the way you go about your lifestyle.

There are four things you can do to make your home feel more spacious:

  1. Pick the right colors

When designing your space, color has a strong impact. Traditional small-space design encourages light and bright colors like white, yellow, and blue, to open up space. The idea behind it is to steer away from dark colors which might box the space in.

However light and bright isn’t always the way to go. Another way to make your apartment feel more spacious is to have one color throughout with a contrasting color as an accent. This creates focal points which may steer your eyes away from the edges of the room.

There are no set rules, it is all about properly selecting and arranging the colors in a way that encourage light and the illusion of space.

  1. Let the design flow

The flow of the rooms depends on your taste and preference. A more traditional approach to small spaces is using an open floor plan. Anything that creates separate spaces like a full wall just divides your overall living space. An open floor plan encourages you to make use of any space that, in a more traditional house, might have been overlooked.

A way to achieve this is to have uniform flooring from the kitchen to the living room. Avoid the transition of tile to carpet and go for waterproof flooring such as sealed wood or vinyl.

  1. Make use of the vertical space

The biggest struggle of living in small spaces is the lack of storage. A way to work around this is to fully make use of vertical space. Adding more shelves in the room, hooks in the hallway, and high cabinets is a great way of adding storage without having the bulk of an organizer or dresser that could take up your living space.

  1. Select multifunctional furniture

When you select the furniture for your tiny home, you do not have to pick smaller furniture to avoid crowding the house. At the same time, you cannot go for your traditional pieces in their regular sizes because it will make navigating around your living space hard. Keep an eye out for multifunctional furniture or pieces that can be hidden away when not in use. A murphy bed and foldable chairs, these kinds of furniture are space savers that are fully functional.

Living in a small space may seem like you have to constantly compromise, however it is less about finding smaller pieces and more about good design. Keep these tips in mind and don’t be afraid to take risks with bolder colors and bigger furniture.




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