3 professional Tips to follow for London Flat refurbishment

All you need to do is to aim at adding some extra space or using your existing space much more efficiently.

To help in reclaiming lost or little space that is wasted by corridors, hallways, overly larger bathrooms or bedroom can be done by improving the layout of your flat. You can also add the reclaimed space to the main living area if possible; by simply moving or removing a wall, this can be essential in some cases.

You can add an extra bedroom to a flat with the old kitchen space, becoming a new bedroom by moving a kitchen into an open plan living area. You can also provide a comfortable and modern way to live with the cooking, dining, and living area all combined in a single large space if the living area is large enough to accommodate a kitchen.

You can also offer more usable living space by converting a few flats that have unused space such as the basement or loft areas. They are often best suited to areas where the cost of an apartment is high, such as in city centers as these type of conversions can be expensive.

The following are four professional tips you can use for London flat refurbishment:

1.    Go ahead with proper planning

You need to make sure that you are happy with your plans for each stage before you start working on that, as you need to plan each part of the project pretty carefully. As any changes once a project is underway could have cost implications, which may affect your budget and the result.

2.    You need to aim for the best possible kitchens and bathrooms

 In your refurbishment. Kitchens are, for many people, the most important feature in their home. They are situated in an open plan living area where they are very much on the show as they look good in many recently refurbished flats. In the kitchen design, worktop and the color is playing the most important factor.

Also, the design should be practical and easy to use. If you cook regularly, then you will know how vital a proper kitchen layout is. For creating a unique and stylish kitchen, great attention should be given to details such as the taps, flooring, backsplash and lighting to achieve the best possible look.

For an excellent refurbishment, a beautiful and stylish bathroom is another essential part. It can be a room where modern luxuries and original features can sit comfortably side by side as a bathroom, even in an old flat, as this can be a luxurious room to draw most of the attention.

3. Highlighting the existing features

Fireplaces, wooden floors, staircases or unusual and interesting plasterwork are some exciting features that are there in many flats. By refurbishing or cleaning a chimney, exposing wooden floorboards or painting plasterwork detailing in contrasting colours to the surrounding walls can be the highlighting features which make the space to stand out.

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