5 Questions to ask when Interviewing Moving Companies

Everyone has a story when it comes to moving companies. Damages, lost furniture and unfriendly crew members are among the complaints that many people have. It can take several weeks to interview moving companies and you still may end up being less than pleased. Prepare a list of questions and do a little research before the company arrives. Sometimes it pays to know if you are being told the truth or being given a snow job.

Referrals and Reputation

Phone the Better Business Bureau in the area where you currently live. Ask what type of reputation each full-service moving company has and if there are any complaints. Repeat this question during your interview with each company and see if the answers match. Check with realtors for referrals of local moving companies. These may not be as well advertised, but may be eager for building a good reputation.

Customer Service

A representative from a moving company may be pleasant, but the actual workers may not be. Find out how long the employees have been with the company and ask for names. This could be the clincher. If a representative does not know anything about their employees, it is time to move on. Regardless of the location that you live in, such as Nashville, TN, employees are a large part of the moving service industry and there should be a close alliance with management and moving crews.

Pickup and Delivery

Find out what type of window there is in pickup and delivery times. If the span is approximate or longer than 4 hours, scheduling could turn into a major problem. Coordination in the moving business is crucial and being unable to make critical appointments shows sloppy management.

Packing and Labeling

Ask to see the types of containers used in packing and the labels that will be affixed to each one. If you have specific items that are delicate, find out what steps are taken to assure their safety. Ask about insurance for any damages that may occur and what the percentage of claims they normally handle in a year. This figure should be very low if you are dealing with professional movers.

Tracking Systems and Communication

Find out if the business is able to track your goods en route through electronic devices or if communication with drivers is constant. Not knowing where your shipment is can throw your schedule into chaos.

Another question to ask is whether or not your load will be combined with another customer’s goods. Sometimes moving companies will fill up the truck with more than one customer’s furnishings. This can cause over packing and more potential for damage.

After you have chosen a desired moving company, pay attention to the way in which they handle your items and if they are courteous and helpful in loading and unloading. If you have a good experience with your movers, be sure to pass it on to friends,family and the community.

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