Where to Start with Home Renovations

Where to Start with Home Renovations

Home renovations can range from simple tasks of swapping some items or moving some things around to more complicated such as doing fittings or pipe laying and plumbing or electrical rewiring. Either way, starting up a project can be very nerve-wracking and may very well be literally earth-shaking.

So how do you set off in going about your renovations?  Well, when we started our research we decided that we wanted to hire a design build contractor in the Mountain View area that had a great online reputation.  The team we hired did a fantastic job with out project.

Plan, plan, plan – whether you hire a contractor or you choose to do it yourself, you cannot do away with this step. You really must sit down and write out your plans and do your own research. You have to be certain of the end result that you want to achieve. Consider going on home improvement or renovation websites to have an idea of the aesthetic that you want to achieve and the materials you might need and use. There are also idea boards on Pinterest and Instagram, which are more accessible. They even link up the source of the materials they use not to waste time trying to look for the item you like.

Make a list – be like Santa Claus and make a list, then check it twice (or check it even more). Lists come in handy when you have a renovation or remodel project. It will allow you to keep track of your project’s progress and keep a clear view of your financials and the timeline towards completion. You can likewise use this list to keep on top of the contractors or suppliers. This list will even come handy so much more if you decide to do the project on your own.

Make measurements – If you decide to do your own renovations, you have to make sure you take measurements of the items you are to change out. Taking pictures is also a useful tool in order that you do not forget where things were placed. Remember the rule of thumb in making constructions: measure twice, cut once.

Fix the Layout of Everything – Drawing up a plan by making sketches of what you want to do. Even if you are going to employ someone else to do the renovation for you, it would come in handy and serve as a guide so that the contractor will have an idea of what you want to achieve. Having a visual aid can help put both you and the contractor on the same page so that you can have the same appreciation of things.

Do a Walk-Through on the Site – Once everything has been drawn out and planned before you start taking down walls, try to do a walk-through of the layout you have decided to do. This is so that you get to feel how things will be once you have introduced the change through the renovation or remodel. This is because there are times when what has been drawn out may have a very different effect when it is already set up on the actual kitchen. Just to ensure that you get the flow you want, do not skip this step.

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