When to Call an Air Filtration Contractor for Your Home Air Conditioner

A malfunctioning air conditioner will make your home uncomfortable, and it may be dangerous to you and your family. While there are minor repair tasks you can do on your air filtration system like changing the filter, you should contact a licensed HVAC contractor for a professional job in Pennsylvania. This article will outline to you when you need to call your air filtration PA contractor to check your air conditioner.

One a year

When the system has been in use all year round, you should have it checked and serviced in readiness for another year. The best time to do so is in the New Year so that it can be ready for the coming season of the year. Regular servicing will improve the performance of your air conditioner.

When malfunctioning

If you notice anything unusual with the system, call an HVAC contractor immediately. Strange noises, uneven heating, odors, and leakages are signs that the system has a problem. If left unattended, a malfunctioning system will lead to increased utility bills.

When you get abnormally huge bills

If your bills shoot abnormally, it is an indicator that the heating system is consuming too much power because it is likely to be faulty. A faulty system over consumes energy, as it struggles to perform the same way it does when in good condition. Some repairs will reduce the consumption and ultimately, your bills.

If it fails

You should call an HVAC contractor if your air conditioning system fails to function. If the system is plugged and it fails to work, a professional will diagnose the problem and solve it for you.

When the air conditioner is under-performing

You will know your air conditioner is under-performing if your home is cooler or hotter than usual, or when it is unevenly cooled or heated. Repairs on the system will correct this problem.

If your system is too old

The older your air conditioning system, the more times it will require repairs. Air conditioning systems are designed to serve for between fifteen and twenty years. After fifteen years, you will incur more repair costs on your system. It is time to plan for a replacement.

At the onset of summer and winter

You do not want to be caught up with a malfunctioning air conditioner during summer or winter when you need it most. Having it checked on time will save you from dealing with emergency repairs or enduring the discomfort of a home that is either too hot or too cold. It will save you money because it is less costly to check the system beforehand than when you urgently call in a contractor.


A specialist in Pennsylvania can repair your malfunctioning home air conditioner. You can call a professional to check your air filter during annual routine servicing, when it fails or if it is under-performing. A specialist should also check it if it is faulty, before summer and winter, or when you get huge power bills. If it is older than fifteen years, it will need frequent repairs, and you should consider replacing it.


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