What Makes Portland, OR the Best City to Live In?

Known as the City of Roses, Portland is a beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty of the West Coast , as well as a unique culture that draws residents and visitors like a siren’s song. While most of the city’s “press” focuses on the latter, there’s so much more to this warm, welcoming town than its admittedly colorful quirkiness.

Convenience? You Bet!

No one likes to stand out at the gas pump, getting wet and cold as they fill their tank in the rain or snow, but it’s a necessity, right? Not when you move to Portland! Oregon is one of only 2 states where you can’t pump your own gas. That means that you can stay comfortable in your car while an attendant takes care of it for you – no more getting rained on.

If you’re not a car owner, there’s even more good news: Portland is legendary for its bike-friendliness, with tons of trails and a traffic design that respects the safety of cyclists. In fact, in addition to a large number of commercial bike rental shops, Portland also boasts “Biketown,” a 100-station network of automated, easy-to-rent bike kiosks scattered around the city. For those that don’t want to travel on pedal power or by car, the TriMet public transit system can get you almost anywhere by light rail, bus, and commuter rail.

A Year of Portland Excitement

While any resident of the city will tell you that there’s plenty to see, do, and enjoy every day, the annual Portland festivals are a can’t-miss perk of living here. Spring brings the namesake Portland Rose Festival in late April and May, complete with a fabulous parade of floral floats. While you’ll need to take a little drive to get to the host town of Veneta, the Oregon Country Fair is a must every July, filled with the weird, the wonderful, and the delicious. As fall tints the city’s trees with beautiful fiery hues, the September Oaks Park Oktoberfest lets you bend elbows with a few friends; you can sample delicious foods and beers right in the heart of Portland. As winter settles in, the Portland Winter Light Festival delivers awe, beauty and even a little science to the wondering eyes of residents and their families.

Portland Nightlife to Beat the Band

Naturally, a city this interesting doesn’t have the same old boring bars and clubs. From the dapper to the dystopian, you’ll never have to enjoy a beer in ho-hum surroundings unless you want to. Want more recording studio in your bar experience? Head to the aptly-named Secret Society, an authentic Victorian performance hall and lounge with a recording studio – yes, really! – tucked in the back.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Multnomah Whisky Library offers slow sippers the perfect spot to savor one of hundreds of varieties in a study-like atmosphere. If you’re looking to get your dance on, Holocene is arguably the city’s best destination, with exciting events like 90s-themed dance parties and a rotating schedule of performance artists.

Life in Portland is never dull, but it isn’t all Darth Vader-garbed bagpipers on unicycles, either. It only takes a few days in the City of Roses to appreciate the depth and beauty to be found here, and discover that there’s a perfect place for you in the rich, colorful tapestry of this ever-evolving epicenter of art and expression.

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What Makes Portland, OR the Best City to Live In?

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