Value of Replacing a Concrete Drive With Asphalt

There comes a point that older concrete driveways have to be replaced. Stains, cracks and uneven settling make the drive look ugly, worn and unusable. Asphalt is a more durable, low-maintenance material offering an affordable alternative to replacing a product with one that has already proven to be flawed.

Quick Installation and Use

Removing an old concrete drive and replacing with the same materials is not the fastest project and the finished product will not be usable for a few days. An asphalt drive is quick to get installed and can be used nearly immediately. All you have to do is wait for the asphalt product to cool down to an acceptable temperature for vehicle tires.

Not Subject to Obvious Staining Like Concrete

The lighter coloration of concrete can be a pain when a build-up of vehicle fluid spots and rust stains begin to accumulate on the drive. A stained driveway can make a home look shabby and as if it is not cared for. The single uniform color of asphalt is attractive and impervious to oil and fuel stains. An asphalt drive will stay looking newer longer than nearly any other surface material.

No Surface Flaking

If a concrete drive is installed too fast, there can be mistakes made in the composition of the material that results in a poor finished product. Flaking or spalling can happen from use of the wrong concrete mix that is not allowed to cure properly. This is a problem that will continue for the entire life of the driveway. The surface of an asphalt drive will remain smooth for a log period of time. It can eventually begin the develop cracks, but they are easy to seal and are not real obvious.

Durability and Low maintenance of Asphalt Drive

An asphalt driveway has more give than concrete. this makes it a much more forgiving surface that is durable over the years. Asphalt is low maintenance and only requires sealing and crack repair occasionally. This makes it an affordable option.

Asphalt Stands Up to Inclement Weather

Extreme temperature changes and heavy rains take a toll on a concrete drive. Eventually the surface will begin to pit and wash away. Cracks in concrete from extreme cold, snow and ice will widen each winter, making the drive a pain to use. Uneven settling from complete breaks in the concrete are inevitable. Asphalt sheds water easily and small pits can be fixed quickly.

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