TRUGUARD Anti-Climb Spike Fencing For Increased Security

Everyone wishes to make his premises secure, and the first thing that comes to the mind is to use a barrier. Walls and fences are the first thing that comes into the mind of the intruders and they plan to get over it easily. TRUGUARD provides the best anti-climb spike fencing to protect your premises. The anti-climb spike fencing is very easy to install and it can protect your house in the best way. It can be easily fitted to the walls, fences and gates and it acts as a barrier to prevent the thieves and robbers from entering in to the premises.

Why use anti-climb spike fencing?

Protecting your house or premises is the most important thing one could do. The best thing to do is to make the walls or fences of your area impossible or at least difficult to climb. However, there is no guarantee that such systems will stop the thieves from entering or climbing, but they will make it hard for them. Normally such spikes and anti-climb systems make it impossible for the intruders to climb and make it hard for them to achieve their goal.

The installation system and procedure is very easy and TRUGUARD has made the whole process easier by using different parts such as the connector, spurs, and the shaft. If you aren’t able to install it properly, TRUGUARD will arrange a team of skilled and qualified people who will do the task professionally from the start till end. The company provides installation instructions to make it easier to set it up.

To install the anti-climb spike fencing, it is important to take great care and caution. Personal protective equipment should be used to install it and just helmets and gloves won’t do the help. It is also important to clear the site before installing the so that there is no chance of error. Fitting the anti-climb spike fencing over the gate, wall or fence is the same but it is important to make sure that there is enough space left between the gate and fence or wall so that the gate opens easily. To seal both of the ends, caps are used there are fitting corners at 90 degrees that provide a secure and neat connection to the curves.

TRUGUARD’s anti-climb rotating system is very durable, weather-resistant and corrosion resistant, and is perfect for protecting your premises from unauthorized access.


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