Top Facts About Quartz Countertops

For those homeowners who have always wanted to know more about quartz countertops oregon but were afraid to ask, here are some of the top facts about them that you can read about before you buy them.

1. Quartz countertops are not insanely expensive. In fact, they are pretty solidly in the mid-range. They are significantly cheaper than marble countertops but also much higher-priced than laminate countertops are. In the marketplace, they average about $30 for cheaper quality options all the way up to %150 for high-end options. These prices are based on a per square foot unit.

2. Check out the local area where you live to find local stone yards to purchase the quarts from. Sure, you can always visit a big box hardware store but the selection will be infinitely smaller and the contractor will almost definitely not be as skilled. This all adds up to a disappointing experience when you are purchasing quarts for the first time.

3. Skip over any business that tries to get you to choose one style or brand over the others. When a company does this, they are getting a kickback from the company who they are trying to push. Obviously, when this is done, they are not guiding your selection with your best interest at heart.

4. Companies are required to state the amount of resin which is necessarily found in quartz countertops oregon. While the average amount is 7% this is measured by weight not by volume. The amount by volume is actually near 35%. This resin is necessary to increase the strength and usability of the quartz.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to buy quartz countertops oregon. Make sure that your home has one, they are a great and reasonably-priced way to beautify the home.

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