Tips to beautify your house in a kid-friendly manner

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Most of us dream of having a big enough home that is comfortable for every member of your family, including the kids. Kids’ room is special. It is the only place that your kids will have where they can let their creativity come alive.

Whether it is the pumpkin carriage that helped Cinderella reach the party or the Mad Hatter’s famous quotes, a kids’ room should always reflect the likes and interests of the kid. If you are planning to upgrade your kids’ room, you can do it with a personal loan from any financial institution including Tata Capital as the process is simple and quick. Once you receive the sanctioned amount, you can go about beautifying your kids’ room.

Let’s look at a few tips that will help you beautify your house in a kid-friendly manner.

Keep it clean

First things first. For your house to be beautiful, it must be clean. And with kids in the house, it is rarely possible. How about distracting them smartly? Children love to play. A separate play area for kids can keep their engagement with the rest of the house to a minimum. Alternatively, you can turn their rooms into magical lands straight from their favourite fairy tales. This can cost you, but you need not worry as long as there are home renovation loans.

Be mindful of the paint

Paints serve the dual purpose of beautifying your house as well as protecting them. Naturally, the higher you pay, the better is the protection you get. Choose your favourite colour and paint your abode with washable paints. With such paints, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s drawing/painting on the walls. These may be slightly expensive but can be a wise decision considering children’s love for art. Make your house colourful and lively with premium quality paint, through a personal loan.

Make a library

A house without books is like a room without windows, said an American educational reformer. You can avoid having a suffocating residence with a home extension loan. A separate library will not only add a dash of opulence to your house but will also go a long way in making your children intellectual. You can have a separate section of entertaining books in the library for you and your children.  If the idea of having a library in our house for your kids makes you happy, you should make sure you buy the best materials to build the room. You can buy the best that the market has to offer with the help of a home renovation loan.

Upgrade your furniture

Your children might fantasise about getting pricked by the spindle of a spinning wheel. But you definitely would not want them to get hurt by any sharp object. A furniture makeover is, thus, a must. Have jute coffee tables instead of glass tables. This will ensure a vintage yet safe look. Avoid big sofas if your hall room is small. Remember, the cleaner it is, the more beautiful it is. Also, kids are unlikely to get hurt if they have enough space to move around and play. Thanks to a home renovation loan, you can easily transform your house to have kids-friendly yet elegant furniture.

Make it greener

A small personal mini garden will not only add to the beauty of your house but also purify the air that you breathe. With a little extra expenditure, you can make your peaceful garden area kids-friendly too. You can do all of these with a home extension loan.

With a few smart tips, you can make your house beautiful while still keeping the needs and preferences of your kids in mind. You need not worry about the costs of renovating your house as long as lenders like Tata Capital offer personal loans at attractive interest rates.

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