Tips for regular maintenance of your sash windows

Sash windows are a part of almost every house that comes with a traditional build style. These windows have been trending for some time, and people really love it. Whether you talk about their design or their durability, they are always top notch. However, like any other thing, your sash windows also require some sort of maintenance. People who do not maintain it properly are likely to have them replaced or repaired frequently. On the other side, if you succeed to take care of them properly, they may last in your home for centuries. Here are a few tips to help you in making your sash windows run for a long time.


First of all, clean your windows like any other part of your house on a regular basis. Use a damp cloth in order to wipe the windows. Ensure that you eliminate all the dust and dirt residing on the windows. However, do not use a cloth that is too much damp or put on a lot of water as more moisture on your windows will give a boost to rotting. Moreover, if your windows have a bit of vinyl and aluminum finishing, clean it with a detergent and a soft brush.

While cleaning, never leave out the glass as they add sparkle to your window. The casing and adjacent wall should also be taken care of while you are about to clean the sash window.


Each season has its own style and put a different impact on your household stuff. Whether it be the paint, the material or anything else, you must inspect the sash window each season. It is to determine the condition of the window including the frame, glass and the timber. One can utilize a metal probe in order to check for rotting.

For the people who have double or triple paned windows, one must check for the moisture. If there is any sort of moisture, you must immediately check the seal as it has failed to keep up with the job. Replacing it and adding a new one will enhance the insulation of your home.

While doing an inspection, check for the brittleness and wrapping of your paint. The hot summers tend to throw harmful UV rays and damage the paint.


If there are gaps in your windows, you do not have an appropriate insulation system. It is because these holes will allow the exchange of air and reduce the energy efficiency of a house. So, you will have to pay higher energy costs. Replacing the rubber seals will allow you to keep the warm air trapped inside your house. Therefore, make it certain that your window sealing is in its place and doing the job it is required to do.

In case that you find there is something wrong with your sash window, contact the Box Sash Window Co. The experts are sitting here to facilitate you. They will let you know whether the old material can be replaced or repaired depending on your requirements and will provide you with services of highest quality.

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