The Value of Home Inspections

Most people forego home inspections, thinking that they don’t need them. Little do they know that what makes their house degrade is something subtle and recurrent. They won’t see the problem until it’s too late.

Homeowners might need multiple home inspections in the duration of their ownership. Responsible Utah residents should know enough to schedule a full inspection if they meet any of these conditions:

If you’ve just bought your house

It’s a must to conduct inspections on your potential property because these reveal imminent threats such as poor ventilation, leaky pipes, faulty wiring, and health hazards. Your house might even be a meth lab before.

Legally, your agent is obliged to give you a disclosure sheet, which teaches you all the pertinent information about your property’s previous life cycle.

If the house was built before 1978

Buildings made before 1978 might test positive for lead-based paints and other construction materials. Aside from painted surfaces, the dangerous component might also be in pipes and the soil outside your home.

Your kids might come in contact with lead through doors, stairways, railings, window sills, or drink polluted water that has gone through corroded conduits.

If there are no surrounding vegetations

If there are a lot of vacant lots or barren yards around your property, this might be a telltale sign that the house was a meth laboratory. This is because meth cookers tend to dump their methamphetamine waste in their backyard, letting it seep into the soil and kill all the plants nearby.

You can check if your property is on the National Clandestine Laboratory Register. There are also cheap but effective meth-testing kits in the market.

If you live near power plants, gas stations, automotive shops

Proximity to power plants, gas stations, railroads, automotive shops, mines, construction sites, and the like might put you at risk of asbestos contamination. These are workplaces where products made with asbestos are abundant.

Asbestos contractors can renovate spaces to rid your home of asbestos. However, asbestos is hardly harmful when left untouched, so make sure that your house is always clean.

If you live near abundant water sources

If you live near brooks or rivers, the soil around your home might test positive for radon. Radon usually enters a household through naturally occurring water supplies like catchment areas and private deep wells. They diffuse from the ground and enter ventilation systems or basement floorings.

If your house shows high levels of radon after a house inspection, you can resort to a reduction system known as soil depressurization. This involves extracting the radioactive gas from the soil and diffusing them through a ventilation system.

If you live in wet areas

Living in humid areas or where the weather tends to fluctuate might cause your house to have molds. If your home is moist, expect to find mold in your basement and attic.

Getting rid of mold is relatively easy; wiping or spraying mold-killing agents on the affected surfaces usually does the trick. Make sure that your house is well-ventilated and that your roof is reinforced to avoid condensation.

These environmental hazards can be harmful. They can be trigger common allergies or cause lung cancer. Thus, accept the need for a home inspection and heed every precaution.

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