The Perfect Concrete Cost per m³ for Your Extension Works

Concrete is expensive if the truth must be told.  You need to closely consider concrete cost per m³ before you proceed with your construction works. If compared to the total cost of erecting the building, the cost of concrete may seem inconsequently. However, the cost can add up a great deal and you should add it too if you are to have a complete cost estimation for that perfect building. Make sure you do not get the cost of concrete wrong before you begin the construction work.


Factors determining concrete cost

Concrete is sold by volumes and this makes it easy to calculate the concrete cost per m³. One factor that can help you calculate this properly is a good knowledge of the area you want to pour the concrete into.

Aside from the factor mentioned above, your location also determines what you will end up paying per m³ of concrete.  What about the particular type of concrete you are ordering? This is yet another cost determining factor.

What is the exact cost of ordering concrete? There is no particular amount as the cost is determined by the factors mentioned above. However, you should consider setting aside between £65 and £85 as concrete cost per m³.  The actual amount you will end up paying is determined by the factors mentioned above. Amount you pay in a place like London for concrete will surely differ from what you will pay in a place like Kingston.


If the cost is however higher than what had been stated above, then you should query the cost.  Contact your supplier for explanation on why the cost is that high.  If the supplier is not ready to adjust the cost to acceptable range, it may be time to look for another supplier that can provide top quality concrete at acceptable concrete cost per m³.

Managing total building cost

The amount you end up paying for concrete can determine your total extension building costs. You should put everything into consideration so as not to spend too much on the building. It is better to consult a reliable service provider to help with cost estimation before you start the construction. Make sure every aspect of the constriction is put into consideration, including the cost for concrete. Nothing must be left behind as this will give you a true estimate of what the construction will cost.

There are different types of concrete being sold out there. Carefully determine the type of concrete you want to use before the work starts as this will help in determining the correct extension building costs.

Do you reside in Kingston or you plan to carry out building extensions at Kingston?  There are experts here that can help with the proper cost estimation of the building and also provide you with the right type of concrete in density and type.  Do not forget that different types of concrete works for different forms of construction. All these must be closely considered before you start your extensions at Kingston.  Proper cost estimation ensures you do not get it wrong at the end of the day.

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