The best way to remove scratches from Acrylic

One amazing plastic based alternative to glass is acrylic and it is also known as Plexiglas or Perspex.

The substance has a high versatility levels as it is used in home furniture (coffee tables and side tables), fish tanks, picture frames, splashbacks and mirrors. It is both decorative and functional, and as a result an essential material.

But it sometimes get hectic to remove and clean your acrylic products at home, so the plastic product providers, the Plastic People penned down some useful tips that will assist you clean your acrylic furniture products at home easily.


Light scratches

Light scratches, as you can imagine, are much easier to combat than deep ones.

To do this effectively, you will need a special acrylic polish and some paper. You will need a variety of grade (thicknesses) of paper to complete the task.

Use two towels, one water-soaked and one dry, of 600 grade paper. Run the wet towel over the scratch, then the dry.

Your acrylic may look like there’s lot of little scratch marks on it, or that it now has a frosted appearance, but this will go away during the process.

Move to grade 800 wet and dry paper, and rub the scratch for another minute, then move onto grade 1200 and do the same.

Once this is done, clean and dry the area with acrylic polish and the acrylic should look like it has never been scratched!

Deeper scratches

Unfortunately, deeper scratches on acrylic products require a little more elbow grease to remove. The best way to determine whether the scratch is deeper or not, is to rub it with your fingernail. If you can feel it, you need to follow this method.

Instead of paper, you need to use 600-grit sandpaper to rub the affected area. Rub in a circular motion with the 600 grit to start, although you may need to move to 1200 grit, depending on the depth of the scratch. Once this is done, dampen the sandpaper to wipe away any marks or debris. Use a fine sandpaper to polish everything up.

Finish off with some acrylic polish to add the shine back and your acrylic will be as good as new!

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