Smart ways to transform outdoor space to garden

You have recently moved in to your new house and wish to have a garden to unwind and relax. But you realize that it’s a very small space and then put off your plans of a garden. But compact spaces don’t mean that you cannot have the garden of your choice. However small the space might be, we have got you covered with our small garden ideas that can help you maximize your space.

Having said that, even small gardens and patios come with their set of challenges, but with the right garden solutions, you can design an impactful outdoor space.

  • Use symmetry: Organization is the key here and this element forms an important part even in large formal gardens. If you wish to have a traditional setting, you can go for a central lawn and have symmetrical borders around it for a spacious feel. There could be a central element here such as a brick structure and the same can be lined with the variety of colourful flowers such as climbing roses or white lilies. Adding an oversize gate could be the trick here which can act as your focal point.
  • Add Tropical drama: The kind of plants that you have plays an important role when you have small space. Tropical plants are ideal here because they can withstand different kinds of weather when the space is limited. These could be palms, phormiums and similar others. But before you add these to your space, make sure that you are well versed with the requirements so as to make arrangements.
  • Create outdoor space: If you don’t want to have it the traditional way and want a contemporary feel, we suggest getting rid of the lawn altogether. The backyard could be used for creating the perfect space and you could do with minimal furniture such as a dining table and chairs. Team it with modern tableware for a chic look. To give it a garden feel, you can keep small pots containing flowers.

You must invest some time and research online for the different items that you need for gardening. At, you can shop garden equipment of your choice at discounted prices which will help to transform your space into a beautiful garden. This eliminates your worries about maintaining the garden. Adding a bird feeder or a birdhouse to the space will make it enticing for these tiny friends to pay you occasional visits.

  • Accessorize: Now that you decided to capitalize on your outdoor space and bought some furniture, it’s time to get some accessories for your comfort and the complete look. Add pops of colour and shop some colourful pillows, fabrics, rugs, and even pots in different colours. Get a wooden panel to shield your garage bin; not only it eliminates the ugly sight of the overflowing garbage but also adds a statement to the garden. You can also add a small pellet to the area which can be used to attach clay pots. Make sure that there is ample space between the plants so that they have sufficient room to grow. You can lay the pellet flat on the ground and plant herbs on it to make a mini herb garden.
  • Use tiny colourful pots: It’s always good to go for small pots to add small and overflowing plants and planters. They take up minimal space and give a complete look to the garden. You can get oversized plastic or terracotta planters and use them for planting almost anything.
  • Install a water garden: Yes, you read it right. You need not have a huge garden to add a pond. The task will require initial effort of digging one, adding a pond liner and pump and you are done. You can add some water plants to attract butterflies. Once you have set this up, you can install tiny lights and line the pond to give it a serene and elegant effect during the evenings. If installing a pond isn’t feasible, you can get a large terra-cotta bowl. This serves as a reflecting pool and birdbath for your tiny friends.

Once you have decided what exactly you need, you can create your own outdoor space, patio or a mini garden. Happy Garden-ing!

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