Size of the staircase: A must have equipment for the expert roofer

The length of the stairs can vary from two to 40 feet. To achieve the maximum length, you may need one with multiple sections. These stairs usually have a system of pulley or roller that allows reaching the total extension of the same. Never support the ladder against the gutters or drains of a roof as the only support. These will not support the weight of workers or Roofing materials.

How to calculate what is the length you need

Do you wonder what size ladder you need to reach the ceiling? When considering how high the ladder must be to reach the ceiling, do not forget that the height used for a ladder is different from its actual height. Remember this when you are calculating the height that the ladder must have to reach the ceiling. For example, on an extendable ladder you can only use up to three feet. If it raises more, the ladder can become unbalanced and there is a risk of it tilting.

Materials of the stairs

The aluminum is lightweight, popular and highly resistant to climatic factors. An aluminum ladder is usually considered versatile, long-lasting and resistant – although there are more chances of scratches or dents than in a heavier metal. The price of aluminum ladders is in an intermediate range.

The steel (or stainless steel) is another very durable material, but needs to be anti-corrosion to protect it from the elements. It is the heaviest of the materials on the list, so it may not be suitable for all uses. It is a more expensive material. You will notice that often this type of staircase in commercial uses.

The wooden stairs   are pressure-treated and varnished to be resistant to climatic factors and are often made of beech, ash or laminated plywood, glued in layers. The rails and steps are glued or screwed. When it is dry, wood is a non-conductive material, so if you are working near electrical materials, it may be a good choice.

Conclusion: Length of extendable stairs

When choosing a length for the extendable ladder, be sure to take into account the angle at which it will rest. If you exceed the height, your feet can slide. If you do not reach that height, you will have to climb more than allowed and you may lose your balance. Pay special attention to the ladder service classification before buying it. On the other hand, on a stepladder, you can only use up to the next to last step and stay safe. If it goes higher, the ladder will lose stability. Regarding the latter, remember that ladders should always be kept 10 feet away from live power lines.

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