Reduce the Risk of Overheating

For those who live in Denver, summer can get overbearingly hot, air conditioning is a must for survival. A lot of people can take AC for granted. However, you may not realize that air conditioning could potentially save your life, which is why it may be crucial to schedule an air conditioning repair service Denver CO

Overheating is an issue that has plagued mankind for decades, if not centuries. In 2015, an estimated 1.2 million people died from heat contributors and under one million people died from overheating itself. That is a lot of people dying just because it is hot outside. Overheating could cause some of the following heat-related illnesses. 

1. Heat Stroke

When your body becomes too hot and rises in temperature dramatically, it can go into a state of shock. This shock is known as a stroke. It’s often accompanied by dehydration which is quite easy to become in the hot temperatures outside. If you or the person suffering from a heat stroke is not treated immediately, it could potentially turn lethal. Some of the symptoms include confusion, agitation, disorientation, the absence of sweating, and even a coma. A way to treat heat stroke is to cool the body immediately. Moving to a cooler location and applying ice or cool water to the skin is crucial, and the medical emergency team should be notified immediately. Infants, the elderly, athletes, and workers who work outdoors are among those most likely to fall victim to overheating and the most likely to die from it. 

2. Heat Exhaustion

Although it is a precursor to heat strokes, heat exhaustion has its own symptoms in and of itself. While it begins with muscle cramps called heat cramps, there are additional symptoms to consider. Sweating, weakness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and lightheadedness are all signs that you may be suffering from heat exhaustion and are well on the way to succumbing to a heat stroke. Rehydrating and moving to a cooler location are paramount to help recover from heat exhaustion and prevent a heat stroke. 

3. Heat Rash

This rash occurs because the sweat glands are blocked and can’t produce sweat to cool the body down. Symptoms of the rash are red bumps on the skin accompanied by a prickly or itchy sensation. The rash may also contain tiny blisters. These develop mostly in areas where the skin creases or where clothing is too tight and doesn’t allow for proper air circulation. 


An easy way to ensure that you never fall victim to any of these potentially deadly illnesses is by installing an air conditioning unit. Keeping your house cool in the extreme heat can save your life and potentially an unfortunate passersby walking in the heat of summer. Overheating is a serious issue, and it can easily be prevented by taking the time to reach out to your local plumber for AC. That way you never have to worry about enjoying the summer again.


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