Radiant Flooring vs. Traditional Radiators

Radiant heating is a contemporary system of heating, as opposed to its traditional radiator. The system has a lot of appeal to offer but its aesthetics isn’t the only thing it has going for it. It serves as a contributing model to conserving energy by reducing the amount of energy consumed by regular radiators. 

Radiant energy is installed underneath the floor. The setup functions by supplying warmth through hot-water tubes or electric wires that run beneath. The invisible waves of thermal radiation rise up and warm up any objects they reach; the warm waves, then, radiate back and forth retaining heat in the room. 

Floor radiators are also preferred by people for its comfort policy. They do not produce clanking sounds as they operate. Another name for this mechanism is floor heating. It is considered a luxurious home feature and is gaining popularity as a new trend in town. 

Generally, electric and water-based systems are the two types of radiant heating methods. Warm water systems use hot water by running it through pipes to produce and pass off heat, whereas in electric based heating wiring is used to generate heat. Specialized polyethylene is used to supply hot water for hydronic systems, the inert plastic doesn’t corrode, as does copper. It also has a lower chance of leaks.

The way floor heating saves energy is by utilizing less energy to heat up a room effectively. You save almost half as much as energy used by traditional radiators, which require temperatures as high as 149-167 degrees Fahrenheit to heat up, whereas floor heating requires only a temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit to heat up. The difference between the temperatures is indicative of radiant heating being way more energy efficient. This feature in turn also reduces your heating bills. 

You’re more likely to experience cold spots in rooms heated by a radiator because it warms up the air nearest to it first, whereas floor heating heats up the floor consistently. It provides warmth from the floor, allowing it to spread throughout the room all at once, without leaving any cold spots. 

Once radiant heat is installed it basically requires little to no maintenance. Depending on the contractor, radiant heat can come with a 30-year guarantee. Floor heating is also compatible with smart technology and can be configured to your smart WiFi thermostat. This will allow you easy control and access to switching it on and off whenever needed. 

Underfloor heating works with all floor coverings such as: laminate, tile, wood, carpet, stone and many more. Since radiant heat virtually occupies no space except for utilizing flat areas underneath the floor, it allows you space for more design and freedom. You can also make a minimalist statement with the vacant space available to you. 

Radiant Heat Flooring Centerville UT: Safety and Comfort

When the heating system is safely tucked out of the way you have one less thing to worry about, especially, when you have kids around. Radiant heat also produces better air quality by keeping it oxygen-rich. In typical radiators high temperatures reduce oxygen levels, which contribute to discomfort and anxiety.

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