Make your Home Less Welcoming for Pests by Avoiding Common Mistakes

Pest infestation is the biggest problem in the US. Millions of houses are infested by termites and carpenter ants. They build homes inside the moist wood, which is due to underground seepage or leakage in pipes. These insects are harmful and infectious. They treat on food spreading infection and that is why your kids may always have an upset stomach.

Most people get pest control done every year to avoid infestation, but it is due to their pets that they aren’t able to avoid fleas inside the house. Sometimes, the climatic condition also supports the growth of insects. Whenever they will get moist areas, they make their nest. It is good to hire a pest control service, as they know the place from where these pests invade.

Rove Pest Control situated in Novi, Michigan has the most experienced and skilful professionals who know the reasons of intrusion. Instead of temporary spraying, they look for the main nest and reason for infestation, even if it takes them under the base of the house to check for any seepage. Cold weather is the prime cause for insects to look for warmer places to hibernate. So they look forward to invading houses.

Here are some ways through which you can stop intrusion –

  • Ensure that all doors are sealed properly which also include garage doors. If after sealing the doors from all sides, you see light entering through it, then try sealing that as well, because it takes tiny space for insects to penetrate.
  • If needed, get your windows repaired, because they might warp or crack due to changing weather, which can give enough space for insects to enter.
  • Check all switch boards, walls, plumbing and electricity lines and ventilations near your house to ensure that it isn’t giving a path for insects to invade. If you find any cracks on walls use caulk to seal them.
  • Check side walls and gaps if any because that’s the favorite place of insects.
  • Check plants and their branches if they are protruding towards your home. Huge bushes are always the main reasons of insects. Thus, keep them trimmed.
  • Check all crawl space, where generally it is difficult to clean the area, if you aren’t able to enter the crawling area, then approach someone who can do it for you.
  • Check all roof vents because they are favorite places of wasps. You should take a close look on adjoining rooflines for yellow jackets.
  • Chimney caps are essential to close the opening so that squirrels, rats and birds don’t find a way to enter.
  • When you carry wooden logs inside your house make sure they have no insects on it. You might enjoy firewood but, those insects would enjoy your entire house.
  • Get rid of clutters like pile of newspapers, cardboard boxes etc. keep your basement and attic clean and free from moisture.
  • Store all food in air tight containers or in a refrigerator. Throw dirty food in trash and don’t let dirty dishes stay there for long in sink.

No home can be free from insects. They always find a way to enter your home. Thus, hire a pest control service to get your house cleaned annually.




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