Is a Manufactured Home Right For You in Edmonton?

Modular homes in Edmonton offer dozens of benefits for those who are in the market for a new home. But, are modular homes in Edmonton right for you? As a buyer, do those manufactured homes offer what you are looking for? If you are considering the possibility of having manufactured homes built from the ground up, these are some ways to determine if this is the right option for you and your family.


Do you like customization, and want a say in what goes in the home? –

Do you want to choose the hardwood floors to install? Are you interested in an eco-friendly, efficient system for your central AC and heating? If you want to choose the colours, floor plan, number of bedrooms, and other design details, you might be a candidate for such purchases. Due to the fact that you work with the builders and design team, you have more control in the design. Furthermore, you aren’t dealing with a prebuilt or fabricated home, meaning there’s no need to do renovation work. You choose what you want to see and don’t want to see in the home.

Can you wait? –

If you can wait several months, years, or longer for your dream home, then this is the route to take. It is going to allow buyers to have complete control of the home’s design. In most instances, it is also cheaper than a standing home. If you don’t have to make the move to a new home right away and want the freedom of deciding on design plans, these homes are a great way to attain those desires.

Do you want complete control? –

Okay, not complete control, but plenty of control during the process. When working with builders, you have full discretion on many of the decisions in terms of the layout, design, and finishes in the home. Sure the builders are going to step in if there are issues with foundation or potential dangers with the design features you choose, but apart from that, they give you the reigns as a buyer. You decide what you want to see and want left out of your new home.

Do you like detailing/fine finishes? –

Love marble? Want granite countertops? Custom fabricated window shades? If you want lavish finishes, design, and custom features throughout, then this is the way to go. Since nothing is in place, and everything is built from the ground up, the builders and contractors can put in anything you desire. Sure, luxury costs a lot more. However, you can choose the finishes, detailing, and design elements you want to see in place, when you choose to buy these kinds of homes.

It will take a little longer. But if you are a buyer who loves control and wants fully customized features, modular homes are a great way to get just that. When the time comes to buy a new home, these are some ways to determine if this is the route to go as a buyer, or if you should just buy a prebuilt, standing home.

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