In remodeling, you had better get the floor right.

In the process of home remodeling Minneapolis, there are untold benefits to having a new floor installed by a comprehensive remodeling company like One of the most important choices is the type of flooring and when this choice is wood flooring, there are many benefits that could endure for the entire life of the home. In attaining this durable product for your home, the quality of the wood flooring product is a major reason why a wood floor could last for generations. 

The next component is the contractor, because a poor installation will limit the longevity of the product, and failure in either component will also cause problems down the line like noisy floors, nail pops and uneven flooring. Uneven flooring caused by inept installations and cheap product could be dangerous in many situations, and not only can it cause trips and falls, this and other problems are compounded by the fact that an improper installation simply does not look good.

One of the reasons people choose their flooring is because it was presented in the showroom with a quality installation. In order to replicate that warmth, depth and beauty that initially endeared them to that flooring choice, the installation in their home must also be of professional quality when it is installed in the home or business, or the client will simply not be satisfied.

Quality contractors are very knowledgeable in not only the process, but style, type and any new innovations in flooring in general, but the client does need to have some basic information to make a decision beyond the aesthetic quality of the flooring, and there are many choices to be made. One of the most basic decisions a client or their designer makes is if they would like unfinished or factory finished flooring. 

Factory finished flooring is a straightforward choice because its finish is applied by the manufacturer in their facilities. Unfinished flooring requires more time not only installation and in applying the finishes, but also in allowing the floor to have sufficient drying time before the floor can be utilized. Factory finished flooring is ready for use as soon as the installation is finished. 

However, because unfinished flooring offers the greatest option because of its versatility, we will address it further. Unfinished flooring is one of the oldest types and methods by which flooring is finished and installed. It requires installing whatever style and size of flooring that is chosen by the client or their representative, then sanding in several steps, cleaning, conditioning and then staining. 

The final step is to apply a finish coat in any manner and depth designated by the client or their representative which is usually a designer. However, with professional assistance, a stain color and floor finish could be chosen by the client. The top coat is protective, but it also beautifies the wooden floors and the applied color while providing this protection against the wear and tear of everyday use. One final reason, unfinished floors are often utilized is to specifically match a non-standard color most often to an existing floor or décor. Often this is the only way to tie into or repair an existing hardwood floor.

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