Important Tips to Avoid Injuries & Stay Safe during a Move

It is important to understand that moving is a physically demanding process. From the packing, to loading the rental truck, and then to unloading the truck into your new place, there are potential risks along the way. One can avoid injuries during the moving process, by simply following some simple precautions and procedures.

Checking up for the environment in which you would be moving

 Before lifting or moving any boxes or furniture items, you should examine the environment in which you are moving. Look for sharp corners, slippery spots on the floors, or other potential tripping hazards. If needed, mark the steps with a chalk, highlighting where the step is located.

Unwanted things like kid’s toys scattered throughout the house while planning your way through with a heavy box in your arms is definitely an accident waiting to happen. Staying safe while moving involves, clearing all major pathways in your home prior to moving day, such as the hallway, all doorways, and your front door. It is also important you know where you’re going to set the item down and that the path you’re taking is free of any obstructions.

Don’t overweight the packed boxes

Packing up all your possessions into cardboard boxes that can just barely support the weight is a recipe for disaster — and by disaster means potential physical injuries. Try not to over pack boxes where they are bulging at the top and bottom.

Taking care of your health

Working out in the heat all day and not taking breaks to drink enough water or eat properly is another hazard. When moving in hot weather special precautions should be taken, such as wearing the proper attire and eating although you may not feel hungry.

Carrying on proper outfit

In addition to ensuring that the load can be moved safely, you must also make sure that you are protected from any hazards which may be encountered along the way.

Ensure wearing proper clothes and footwear so that clothing doesn’t pose a problem, such as loose sleeves or shirttails that might get snagged. Also make sure you wear resilient, supportive footwear, with good grapple, particularly if surface becomes wet sometimes.

Getting knowledge of some lifting techniques

Know and always practice the proper lifting techniques when carrying, pushing, or pulling boxes, furniture or other items. Taking extra care to limit twisting or turning improperly when carrying boxes or other large or bulky items is another tip to staying safe while moving. Few of them are given below:

  • Position yourself as close to the item or box as possible.
  • Never jerk or twist your body while lifting or carrying.
  • Squat to lift and lower, do not bend at the waist.
  • Put the weight down by keeping your low back bowed in.
  • Keep your lower back bowed in while bending over.
  • Grasp opposite corners for better control.
  • Bow your back in and rise up with your head first.
  • If you must turn while lifting, be sure to turn with your feet, not your body.
  • Keep your feet apart, staggered if possible.
  • Move feet and legs in the direction of travel.

Call in the Professionals before Moving large and valuable items

Moving from one place to another was never meant to be a one-man event. Before moving just check that you have hired for the required help. Whereas friends can also provide a good physical and touching support to help your transfer cause, the ultimate moving safety can only be achieved through professional assistance.

Perhaps the most important point to remember is to stay within the restrictions of your physical lifting abilities and to seek help when a load is too heavy to safely move alone. Staying safe while moving is necessary to keeping everyone happy and healthy.

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