How to Maintain and Care for Your Hardwood Floor

Homeowners love hardwood floors because they are durable, easy to manage and less harmful to their health. However, most of them do not care or carry out routine maintenance for their hardwood floors. Ignoring the importance of routine maintenance and care can make your floor look dull and grimy. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for your hardwood floor and make it shiny all the time.

Buy the Right Vacuum

You need to buy a vacuum that can effectively grab dust hiding behind the floor boards. The vacuum you choose should also have the right size to enable you to reach the hidden corners of your house. There are several vacuums out there that are considered the best vacuum for hardwood floors. You can get the right one at eBay or from your local store.

Prevent Possible Damage

There are many things that can dent or scratch your hardwood floor. You need to make sure that these things do not cause any damages. Trim the nails of your cats and dogs to prevent them from scratching the floor. Buy the right humidifier and use it during the hot season to keep the wood from shrinking due to excess moisture. Do not let the spills and spots stay on your floor for a long time. Wipe them immediately with a high-quality detergent and clean cloth.

Invest in High-Quality Floor Mats

Your hardwood floor should be protected from anything that can cause scratches and dents. Floor mats and furniture pads can offer an extra layer of protection. Ensure the mats are strategically placed at the entrance and exit of the house to collect and trap potentially harmful substances that might damage your floor. The mats can also be used to trap dust, sand, oil, grit, asphalt and any other form of dirt that might gain access to your house. You can also place the mats in busy areas of the house, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Hire a Hardwood Cleaner Regularly

You need to hire a professional hardwood floor cleaner at least once a month to help you wash the house thoroughly. All hardwood floor cleaners have highly effective equipment to ensure your floor maintains its condition throughout. You can ask your friends who have worked with a cleaner for recommendations, or you can go online and search for someone in your neighborhood. Make sure the cleaner has a good track record and the right equipment.

What to Avoid

Do not walk on the hardwood floor with high-heeled or spiked shoes. These shoes can cause dents and cracks on your floor. Instead, use slippers or soft flats. Avoid cleaning the hardwood floor with a wet or damp mop. Water can encourage disintegration of the wood components and growth of molds if not dried well. Do not use oil soaps or liquid wax that contain lemon, citrus or Tung oil. These substances produce chemicals that may slowly eat away the wood and make your floor weak. Do not use steel wool or scouring pads to clean the floor and avoid cleaners that have acrylics or urethane polish.

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