How to Find Best Rug Care Services In Canada

Rugs are also carpets but they are sometimes also known as floor runner. A rug is not as large as that of a carpet. Like carpet cover the whole floor of the room, the rug on the other hand covers a portion exposed, like a large foot space in the bedroom or the center area of the living room and so on. A rug just like that of a carpet also requires rug care with all the maintenance and cleaning.

If we talk about Rug care service in Canada, the cleaners say that the most common cause of the damages caused on the rugs the moulds, which follow the dampness. The moulds are the fungus like growth, which not only harms the carpet and the fabric of the same but also the skin of an individual which comes in contact with the same. The moulds and fungus are caused due to various reasons like walking with shoes in the rug, placing a potted plant on the rug, and there is no lack of senseless people in the world

Most of the oriental rugs are made of wool pile, though the maximum have cotton wrap as foundation. Oriental rugs in this case makes it clear that these types of rugs should be handled properly and they are not meant for rough use or rather every day use. They are smaller in size and highly decorative.

You Rug & Rugs Canada say that one can easily recognize an original oriental rug because it feels peculiarly stiff when manipulated. The rug will sometimes be so stiff it will be difficult to roll, and if you listen carefully to the back of the carpet when it is creased or folded, you can often hear the cracks and popping noises made by breaking warp and weft fibers.

Old is gold, for if you value an antique and someone spoils the same, it becomes the worst nightmare. This is that particular thought that the workers and the inspectors of rug cleaning possess. Antique rugs need to be maintained and handled more delicately. There are group of specialized steam cleaners who work on antique rugs. Your Rug & Rugs are not only specialized cleaners, but also expert tailors to mend the rugs, in case it gets damaged or torn during the cleaning process. So either you have oriental, persian, modern, traditional or antique rug they provide cleaning services for all.

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