How to Choose Replacement Doors for Your Home in London, Ontario

Choosing the best replacement doors for your home gives you a chance to improve its appearance, energy efficiency and safety. It is not a must that your new doors must be exactly like your old doors, and today’s options give you several exciting choices to mark your home’s entrance. Regardless of the look you want for your door, you can find it in virtually any material. Popular door enhancements include wood grain, paneling, windows and other details, as well as hardware that can be incorporated into all doors to give them an upscale look.

Go For Wood, the Classic Choice

The most popular doors materials include steel, fiberglass and wood.

Wood is the most common material used for replacement doors. It has a natural appeal that several other door materials try to replicate. Solid wood doors in London, Ontario are the gold standard of doors, especially when made of hardwoods and set in sturdy frames with intricate moldings and carvings.

Some cheap doors use layers of wood veneers over an engineered wood core, but this construction is used in costlier doors and to make wood doors more energy efficient, since the insulated core can have a high R-5 insulation value. The wood used to make the stiles and rails that comprise the frame is laminated, but the frame is more resistant to warping to ensure that the door always fits tight and right. While these techniques raise the price of wooden doors, they make the door more long-lasting and make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

Choose Fiberglass and Steel for Security and Durability

In contrast, steel replacement doors can be less expensive than wood, while also offering properties like durability, low maintenance and security. They all have an inner frame made of steel or wood, along with high density foam for insulation. The most excellent doors have a 24-gauge or lower skin, a frame that makes them more resistant to dings or dents, and a surface texture that imitates wood grain.

Purchasing steel door systems can be more cost-effective, while reducing energy costs and adding to your home’s resale value. However, there are limitations. Steel can dent, which destroys its appearance.

Fiberglass doors in London, Ontario also offer a useful alternative, as their appearance imitates real wood and they require minimal maintenance. They are weather resistant and are also resistant to break-ins. Also, they have a foam core for high energy efficiency.

Utilizing Glass in Your Replacement Door

Regardless of which door material you settle for, you can make your new replacement door look expensive if you add glass panels or side panels that introduce interesting colours, textures and styles to the mix. If you are looking for stylish, yet energy-efficient doors in London, Ontario, make sure to deal with a reliable contractor who can offer you the options you want.

A good contractor will first assess your home, and advise you on the best replacement doors to use. Beware when choosing this contractor, as there are many scammers in this field. Ensure that you choose a contractor who is experienced, licensed and insured.

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