How Carbon Fiber Can Modernize the Bathroom

How Carbon Fiber Can Modernize the Bathroom

Bathrooms are second only to kitchens in terms of their importance to home buyers. For some reason, modern baths are a big selling point. But even if you have no plans to put your home on the market, you may want your bathroom to sport a modern vibe from floor to ceiling.

Well, you’re in luck. You can make your modern bathroom almost anything you want it to be if you are willing to spend the money. And these days, people with money to spend are looking at carbon fiber.

Yes, carbon fiber for the bathroom. You did read that correctly. Below are descriptions of three carbon fiber pieces you can install in your bathroom. According to Salt Lake City’s Rock West Composites, carbon fiber is the perfect choice because it is impervious to water, it will not rust, and it does not easily chip, scratch, or stain.

Carbon Fiber Washbasin

One of the first companies to break into carbon fiber baths is an Austrian company known as Corcel. Their inventory is not all that vast, but what they make is truly impressive. One of their best looking items is the Zoe carbon fiber washbasin. It is not a sink.

The Zoe washbasin is a very shallow basin with a body that curves inward. The drain looks like nothing more than four slots in a squarish shape with a fifth slot right in the middle. Pictures of the washbasin seem to indicate additional slots on three sides to accommodate overflow.

Note that Corcel’s washbasin is extremely shallow. You definitely could not bathe an infant in it. You also couldn’t fill it with water and soak a stained shirt or blouse. This is strictly for washing your hands, shaving, brushing your teeth, etc.

Carbon Fiber Bathtub

Corcel’s other big seller is the carbon fiber bathtub. It comes in two different models. The more elegant and classic model is known as the Virgo. It combines a carbon fiber tub with veneered sides that add a little bit of color to the otherwise naked black presentation.

The N° 1 is the larger of the two bathtubs and Corcel’s original carbon fiber product. It actually looks nothing like a bathtub at first glance. Rather, the N° 1 looks more like a sleek space pod ready to break through the wall and take flight at a moment’s notice.

Both tubs and the washbasin are presented as naked carbon fiber. In other words, you can see the weave pattern clearly. Corcel has made no attempt to finish the products with any type of colored finish.

The Hammock Tub

Splinterworks is a UK company specializing in carbon fiber bathroom fixtures. They came out with a hammock tub in 2013 that continues to be a strong seller. What is a hammock tub? It is a bathtub shaped like a hammock. It works like one too, suspended in the air while attached to walls on either end.

Common sense suggests this tub has to be extremely strong to hold the weight of both the water and the bather. And of course, you cannot cut any corners when installing it. Even the walls themselves have to be pretty solid to support this thing.

If you have the money and walls strong enough to support the hammock tub, it certainly is unique. Splinterworks offers three different models, each with a different water capacity and slightly different proportions. And yes, one is a freestanding floor model just in case your bathroom cannot accommodate a wall-mounted tub.

So, are you ready to remodel your bathroom? Carbon fiber tubs and basins are out there.

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