How Can I Increase the Value of My Investment Property?

Owning property is one of the best ways to invest your money. You have to live somewhere, so you might as well invest in that location and make a profit when you are ready to grow and expand to a newer home. When you invest in your home and upgrade items, roughly 20 to 25 percent of the money you sell goes to the cost of installing, and the other 75 to 80 percent goes directly to the value of your home. With a return value that outrageous you should remodel your front facade, kitchen, stair design, and any other thing you’ve ever wanted in a dream home. This will be an investment that you are able to enjoy for years to come, and you’re worth the expense. The best ways to increase the value of your home are to improve the kitchen, increase curb appeal, upgrade the bathroom, and make it stand out.

Improve the Kitchen

Make your kitchen look like you create fine cuisine every night just to enjoy the finer things in life. Replace your outdated range, refrigerator, and microwave with new appliances that won’t leave your food burnt on one side, and uncooked on the other. You can relatively cheaply replace countertops and cabinets to give it the look you’ve always envisioned. Make sure to install a water purifier somewhere in your kitchen so you and your guests can have drinking water that doesn’t taste like a swamp.

Increase Curb Appeal

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is very important when you are selling the property. You want people to be drawn to the house and fall in love before they step inside. To increase the curb appeal of your home you should paint your front facade, and highlight the new paint with new house numbers and light fixtures that illuminate the door at night. You should also have a well-manicured lawn and plants a small garden with some bright flowers to give the home a cheery vibe.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Nobody wants to live in a home with bathrooms that look like they haven’t been cleaned in a decade. It’s important to regularly clean the bathroom and remove hard water buildup when it accumulates. This will give the bathroom a fresh look and keep faucets working properly. One of the best improvements in a bathroom is to upgrade the flooring with heated tiles. There is nothing better than getting out of the shower and feeling the warm tiles on your feet.

Make it Unique

An investment property should have something unique that makes it stand out when you sell. This could be installing a bar, building a deck, or a greenhouse in the backyard for people with a green thumb. You will be able to charge substantially more for a home that has something unique that drives the market value up. Adding something unique will also add more value than other common renovations. For example, building a $10,000 deck will add roughly $8,600 to the resale value of the home.

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