Essential Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Essential Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Contractor

As a business, you spend a significant amount of money on enhancing the look of your property. This is because you need to maintain a professional front and create a good impression on your customers, clients, and employees. One of the crucial aspects of any business property is the appearance and condition of its roof. It’s one of the first things visible even from a distance when you look at any building.

Commercial roofing structures represent a significant investment. This aspect makes it necessary to choose the materials with care and hire a skilled and experienced commercial roofing contractor for the installation. It is one of the best ways of creating an excellent first impression on your customers and visitors. 

If the contractor mismanages this installation and uses inferior quality materials, you will find yourself saddled with high repair costs down the line. While there is no shortage of commercial roofing companies in the region, not every operator would be able to provide you with the perfect balance of quality, customer service, and affordability. 

Questions To Ask A Commercial Roofing Contractor

There are specific essential questions you should be asking a commercial roofing contractor before hiring them. Here we take a look at some of them:

1. Do you have the necessary licenses to operate in the industry?

This is one of the first things you should be asking the contractor you are considering to hire. Licensing is a vital aspect, and the company needs to have a valid license to practice their trade in your area. Gather all the information that you can about the licensing requirements so that you know whether the company is genuine and their license valid. A licensed commercial roofing company will always ensure that they conduct all work processes in line with the local rules and regulations related to roof construction.

2. Do you have workers’ compensation and liability insurance cover?

Not all roofing companies provide their workforce with appropriate compensation insurance packages. This can prove problematic if a crew member gets injured while working on-site and can cause problems for you. In addition to workers’ compensation, they need to have liability insurance, which can help you recover expenses from their insurance service provider if any of the crew members accidentally damages your property.

3. How many years of work experience do you have?

This is one of the most crucial questions you should be asking the commercial roofing contractor. Check how long they have been in this line of work. It is essential to know this because you do not want to entrust such an important job to an inexperienced operator. Ensure that the company has at least a decade of experience in the commercial roofing space.

4. Do you cover your work with warranties?

The roof that you get installed should be able to endure all types of climatic conditions for a long time. This is why you need to ask the commercial roofing contractor what the warranty period is after installing a new roofing system on your property. A well established company will always cover their work with a warranty in the range of 10-25 years.

Hire a Reliable and Proven Roofing Company 
In addition to all these things, ask the company whether they provide written estimates. You need to know how much the roof will cost you. Even when you are getting any repair or replacement work done, you must have clarity on the cost. Once you have all of this information in place, decide which commercial roofing contractor you want to hire for your project.

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