Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Door Frames

Wooden door frames typically cost more than their PVC counterparts, but they do offer a host of benefits. They typically last longer, they can be painted and repainted in order that they continue to look like new, and they have lower lifetime costs while also being easier to repair rather than replace. If you are looking for a traditional finish for your door frame, then there is no comparison between the modern looking PVC option and the original timber frame. There are benefits to both PVC and timber, but when you take all factors into account, timber frames offer the greatest value and the greatest overall benefits.


Traditional And Attractive Finish

Wood was the choice of material used for doors and windows long before PVC was even an option. If you are replacing a period door, then this means that you are replacing a timber door, and you should replace it like for like in order to enjoy the same great looks and finish as the original door. Even if you are replacing a PVC door, timber has a more natural and warmer finish.

Easy To Maintain

PVC manufacturers may lay claim to the fact that their products do not require any maintenance, but this isn’t necessarily the benefit that you imagine. Damage to the PVC means that it needs replacing, whereas damage to wood frames can be repaired and through regular maintenance you can ensure a longer life for your timber frames.

Longer Lifetime

PVC is expected to have a life of between 30 and 35 years, whereas timber should have a life of 60 years or more. There are some timber installations that are more than 100 years old and still going strong.

Lower Lifetime Costs

This long lifetime, and even taking into account the higher purchase costs of timber, means that you will endure lower lifetime costs with timber doors in most cases.

Timber Requires Regular Treatment

Timber does require regular treatment. This treatment helps prevent moisture damage, can prevent termites and insects from getting into the wood, and it also ensures that the timber continues to look as good as the day it was manufactured for many years to come. Wash and sand the timber, before painting it every few years.

Timber Frames Have A Higher Up-Front Cost

While it is certainly true that timber frames usually offer a lower lifetime cost, it is also true that they usually have a higher up-front cost than PVC. This is especially true if you choose a high grade hardwood; this is important because it will help to ensure that you enjoy the longest life and the best looking finish for your timber frame door.

Poor Quality Timber Offers Poor Results

When choosing timber frames and opting for timber doors, you should avoid the temptation of choosing the cheapest models. Concentrate on the quality of the timber because low grade timber is more likely to offer poorer results. Invest a little more to get high quality timber and you will start to reap the rewards straight away, and continue to do so for decades to come.

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