3 Reliable Basement Waterproofing Methods

There are many causes of basement water leakages. Due to the unique structures of basements, they are actually quite prone to water wetness and even leakages. Here are some of the common causes of basement leakages.

One of the main reasons why water leakages might occur is due to improper drainage systems that are installed in the home. When rain water does not drain properly, it can easily make its way down to your basement. Because water isn’t directed away from your home, it is easy for an accumulation of water to exist. Thus, it is crucial that one ensures that a proper drainage system is installed in your home.

Another common reason is when there are cracks in your basement floors and walls, which allows water to flow through. These cracks will welcome water leakages, thus it is important that one handles those cracks right away. If your basement’s ceiling are experiencing cracks, one should consider hiring a professional to do a fast ceiling water leak repair for the home.

Now that you understand some common causes of basement leakages, let us talk about the various methods to compact basement water leakages.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing usually focuses on basement’s interior such as the walls, floors, windows, etc. This method ensures that all these parts are well sealed; and the cracks are repaired. Properly sealing these areas will ensure that your basement remains dry and less susceptible to water leakages. Most of the time, either grouting or sealants applying will be done.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

At times, the leakage issue is more complexed than it seems. Thus, this method seeks to address the root of the problem by locating the core issue that may extend outside of the basement. This includes that the other parts of your home is well secured. Exterior waterproofing extends even to removing the soil surrounding the foundation of your home and thereafter applying a waterproof sealant to the exterior walls.

Reinstating Drainage System

Lastly, as mentioned that a drainage system has to be addressed at times when a water leakage occurs, one of the solution is to install a proper drainage system to direct water away from your home. Each home has its own housing uniqueness and complexity, thus when it comes to installing a proper drainage system, one should only engage a reliable professional company to perform this important task.

Note that it may be expensive to engage a professional to perform these tasks, however note that leaving this problem unaddressed can lead to greater costs in the future. In addition, when your home’s structural integrity is compromised, this will affect the value of your asset negatively. In conclusion, your home is one of the biggest investment that you will ever have, and it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect it.

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