The Popularity of Granite Worktops and How You Can Afford Them

Take a look at your friends’ kitchens and you might notice a trend – granite worktops. This type of worktop has become a hit in recent years although it has been around for a while. There are several reasons behind the popularity of this type of worktop.

It is durable

You can expect a granite worktop to be of high quality for a long time. It remains tough despite constant use. The reason is that it was formed in a tough environment,to begin with. Years of heat and pressure paved the way for the formation of granite. Therefore, it won’t be broken or damaged just because you place a hot pan on top of it.

There are different colours available

There are some people who would love a splash of colour for their home decor. This is why other worktops made from natural stones are not preferred. There are not a lot of options available in terms of colour. With granite, expect to have a lot of choices. It can reach up to 20 shades. Yellow, blue and green are some of the most popular colours.

Bacteria won’t stand a chance

The chemical composition of granite will surely keep bacteria away. Therefore, working on different ingredients on this type of worktop won’t be a problem. You can even cut ingredients directly on the worktop since it won’t scratch. The only problem is that it is so tough that your knives could end up becoming blunt.

It does not require much effort to clean

You don’t have to spend much time cleaning. The material might be tough but the surface is so smooth. Therefore, you just need a few minutes to clean the worktop and you are done.

How to buy one

If you are interested in buy a granite worktop, you can find granite worktops in London that are of high quality. You can even go online if you can’t find anything in a local worktop or furniture store. If you find it expensive, go for granite tiles. They are cheaper compared with a full slab of granite. Another option is to buy prefabricated granite, a ready to install option using pre-cut outs. Granite warehouses are also an option if you want to just buy the raw material first and have someone else build the worktop for you.

It is your choice what to do with the material and how to decorate it. Just make sure you have granite in your kitchen if you want to spruce up its ordinary look. It will also increase the value of the property. Later on, you can sell your house and the granite worktop will surely make it more attractive. If you intend to sell the same worktop to buy a new one, you can put a high price tag as its value never depreciates.

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