Playroom Ideas to Keep Children Away from the Kitchen

Playroom Ideas to Keep Children Away from the Kitchen

If you have young children, keeping them away from the kitchen is a laborious task. Colorful food and accessories catch their eyes, encouraging them to wander in the area and grab stuff. Even if you tell them that the kitchen is off-limits, there’s no guarantee that they’ll listen, because their curious minds always tend to get the best of them.

But warding your kitchen is highly crucial. The 911 Infobook revealed that 86% of electrocution incidents involved children ages 1 to 4. At the same time, the Burn Resource Center reported that burns and fires are the top causes of accidental fatalities at home among kids aged 14 and below.

Hence, don’t wait for the worst to happen before barricading your kitchen. Below are some helpful tips for childproofing the area, and a couple of fun playroom ideas to keep the kids busy:

Install Childproof Devices

The fridge is one of the appliances kids are most fond of. They tend to find amusement in opening and closing the door and leaving things inside of it. So install a childproof latch on the door, either the buckle or Velcro type, to secure the door shut.

It’s crucial to keep the fridge’s closed because leaving it open makes the compressor run hotter. In turn, the unit will take longer to cool, and more electricity will burn. In some cases, the compressor will shut off by itself when it overheats so it can cool down. But there are also odds of the unit failing.

Though reliable fridge repairmen are always easy to call, it’s still wiser to prevent damages. Compressors are usually the most expensive to fix, and a replacement can cost you $800 to $1,400. 

To make your kitchen even safer, always keep away sharp objects and check for hot surfaces. Put a stove guard over your stovetop, and bolt the unit to the wall to keep kids from potentially toppling it over. It’s also better to use a stove with a back burner so that kids won’t tamper with the fire while you’re cooking.

Make Their Playroom More Exciting

Maybe your kids developed an interest in the kitchen because their playroom has become boring. Bring back the excitement of the place by buying them a kiddie kitchen set or by redecorating the space.

If your kids love going to the park, bring it inside your home by installing indoor slides. Fill the floor with cushions to ensure their safe landing. 

For calmer kids, a mini-house may satisfy them more. Re-design their playroom with multi-functional pieces, like a lofted bed, where the kids can sleep, read, or craft. Furnish the rest of the space with tables and chairs so it can feel like their living and dining areas.

If their playroom is situated within your family room, make the space versatile, so adults can also have fun in it. Plus, a room full of entertainment may discourage kids from coming to the kitchen. Furnish the area with kid-friendly pieces such as colored wallpapers, quirky lighting, cozy furniture, indoor games, and books. You can also sneak in an enclosed playpen, which ensures that your kids won’t wander anywhere.

The key is to utilize every nook and cranny of their playroom. Put something fun in every corner. That way, your kids will find the space highly entertaining, and your kitchen wouldn’t compare. 

Investing in your children’s safety and happiness is essential. You might initially think that lots of toys and childproofing are impractical since kids won’t stay little for a long time. But that’s precisely the point; they grow up fast, so relish their quick childhood by making your home equipped for them.

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