How to Improve the Average Life Span of a Water Purifier

Drinking impure water can cause many water-borne diseases. A water purifier or water filter is essential to use, to get rid of all the heavy metals or any other impurities. It also plays a very important role in improving the quality of water which will help you stay away from health disorders. It is used at homes and offices widely, and places for drinking water, free from dangerous particles. Water purifier’s applications vary and people must see to it that they function well for preserving water in a healthy state. This is important to maintain water purifier properly and overcome unwanted issues. Maintenance is required for a water purifier at regular intervals, to enhance its working conditions to a greater extent. Certain things need to be focused to improve the performance levels of a device that helps to extend the lifetime. They will give ways to prevent water-borne diseases effectively for living a healthy lifestyle. Certain tips are available to improve the conditions of a device to minimize unwanted complications. People who own water purifier are able to follow them and increase the quality of life efficiently.

To make drinking water safe enough for consumption, a water purifier is used. Water that comes to us from the municipality contains various impurities, it is necessary to get rid of them, only then can it be used as drinking water. Only a water purifier can purify these impurities.

The purifiers that use various technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet radiations and UF membranes. Simple care and maintenance are required for flawless operation.

There are certain important tips and tricks to improve the average life span of a water purifier.

  • Regularly drain Storage Tank:

Draining the storage tank is the first thing you must do for improving the lifespan of the water purifier. It is necessary to drain the tank at least once every two weeks. This is necessary for proper hygiene and cleanliness. Usually, water purifier will start its drainage process automatically, once the storage level goes down. You need to switch off the power supply to empty the storage tank. Then open the drain plug located at the bottom part of the tank. After you empty the entire tank, the drain plug must be put back and the power supply can be switched on.

  • Cleanliness of Filters

Cleaning filters are the most important. Instead of doing it yourself, you can call for a technician to do it.

  • Replacing all Filters, Lamps and Membranes every year

Never extend the time period of one year that is their average lifespan. It still might function for a couple more days or even months but you must change them regularly in the given time interval of one year. If the filter is faulty, it could damage the water purifier as well as hinder the process of water purification. Hence, all kinds of lamps, filters as well as membranes which include, sediment filter, post-carbon filter, activated carbon filter, RO membrane, UV Lamp and UF membrane must be changed every year. These new filters will work well together without causing any problems. Changing filters in time will ensure improvement of average lifespan of your water purifier be it a ro water purifier or ro + uv water purifier.

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