How and Cold Water Dispenser – How good is it really?

How would you normally get cold water? You need to store water in the refrigerator, and later reach for it. Similarly, if you require hot water, you need to reach for gas to heat up water. You have to wait a fairly long period and waste a certain amount of gas as well. How wonderful would it be, if you can get hot or cold water at the press of a button? It makes life easy for people at home, school or office. Hence, we present to you Triple Lifestyle the best hot and cold dispenser in Singapore.

Built & Appearance

This dispenser gets you hot and cold water at the press of a button. Regarding looks, the device looks very classy. It’s white, blue and red color combination appeals to just about anyone. The colorful indicator lights lets you know which mode is activated. There are three modes indicated on display – power, cold and warm. When you switch on the device, the red light indicator is on. Not just the looks, the device scores well based on built too. It is built of super solid fiber, thereby ensuring zero possibility of electrocution. The one piece joint ensures there is no water leakage as well.

Temperatures, applications and installation

Once the tank is filled you can get cold or hot water in a matter of seconds. The temperature of the hot water is in range of ~90C. The temperature of cold water is ~15C. If you prefer milder temperatures, you can always mix hot and cold water. The hot and cold dispenser serves well at homes as well as offices. Customers can drink water of their choice at your shops. Even in the case of relocation, it’s easy to carry our dispenser. Its super light and it just takes one adult to carry it. Its installation is as simple as 1-2-3.

The hot and cold dispenser serves so well at home. Your house parties can be awesome with a water dispenses available. With cold water readily available, you can work on your juice recipes real easy. With hot water available, you can make coffee or tea any time. Whenever Needed, you can make cup noodles. Also, you can easily make water lukewarm for shaving, bathing, etc… The ~90C heat plus the impressive tank capacity makes it all possible. The device is children friendly, thus can be placed in play schools and coaching classes too.

How taps works?

There are two taps given on the device. When you press the tap with red stripe, you get hot water. Similarly, when you press the tap with blue stripe, you get cold water. The water flows until the tap is pressed down. Hence, there is no possibility of wastage of water. In the unlikely case of pressing the tap for too long, the bottom tray collects wasted water. It is also where you place a glass or cup to fill in. This removable tray helps getting out the wasted water.

We tend to quickly run out of stock, considering the increasing demand for the device. Call us and get one for your home right away.

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