4 Easy Ways To Reduce Energy Bills This Fall

As the cooler weather approaches it’s important to think about cost-effective ways to heat your home. Reducing your energy bills is an easy way to make sure that your hard-earned cash goes towards the things that matter like books and back-to-school stuff for your kids as they start the new school year. Here are three easy tips from FlowMeters.com that will help you improve the efficiency of your home.

Get Thicker Curtains

Windows are always a significant factor when it comes to loss of heat in homes but they can easily be fixed with thermal curtains that help add an extra layer to maintain room temperature in your space. Thermal curtains can make a huge difference in energy costs as long as they are sized appropriately to cover the window in its entirety. Thermal curtains are beneficial to any home as a quick and stylish fix that can help insulate your space during the colder months by locking in heat, especially when they are closed.

Clear Your Radiators

It may be time to reorganize your furniture for autumn — not only to change things up in your home, but to make more space for air to flow in and out of the radiator. Is there a large piece of furniture like a table, bed or bookshelf blocking air flow? Taking stock off the placement of pieces of furniture that seem to have been in the same for a long time could make a huge difference, and allow your home’s radiators to reach their full potential.

Check Your Furnace

What may seem like an expensive and daunting endeavor will actually save you a lot of money in the long run as many rebates and rewards are now offered to families with up-to-date HVAC systems. All it takes is some expert furnace repair services to keep your home working the way it should — and the right service provider will come to your home to conduct an assessment spanning from the basement to your attic. There are simple steps you need to take to qualify for hundreds of dollars in furnace and air conditioning rebates like registering online, finding a participating contractor to complete the assessment, completing two eligible home energy upgrades and contacting an energy expert for a post-energy audit.

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

In the colder months, it is wise to shut the doors to unused rooms as it will keep cold air from moving around the house. By simply closing the vent and closing the door, you increase the air circulation to other areas of the house that you use more often, allowing you to conserve energy and save money. Rooms that are used less frequently like the study, bathroom or guest room can be closed off while your family enjoys dinner or while they are asleep. During the holidays, you can always plan ahead if you know these rooms will be used and require heating.

Using these four tips in your everyday life will allow you to save energy costs and spend your money on what really matters, your family.

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