Ways to Personalize Your New Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, it may not feel like yours yet. Even if you’ve unpacked all of your boxes, you still may be missing your old place. This is very common, and rest assured it does not last forever. It can take time to adjust to a new living space, but here are some ways to make it feel more like home in no time.

Paint the Walls

Most people paint the walls a neutral color when trying to sell. Adding some color to the place can make it feel less generic. The bedrooms are usually a good place to start. A popular trend for the living room is to add an accent wall where one wall is painted a different, bolder color than the other ones.

Hang Pictures

If you hired local movers Tampa, it’s possible that your pictures are still wrapped up waiting to be hung. Many people put this at the bottom of their to-do list after moving to a new place because it isn’t essential. However, it can really help to personalize your home. Try hanging a few pictures each day for the next week and watch the difference it makes. You can also place unique picture frames on different surfaces in each room to add a special touch.

Light Candles

Houses often have their own unique smell. This will likely change the longer you live there, and you will probably not even notice it after a few weeks. Right now though, the smell of your new place is probably foreign to you. That can be changed by lighting candles or plugging in air fresheners. Choose a scent that makes you happy and reminds you of home.

Add Light

Putting additional light in each room will not only brighten up the place, but it will make it feel more cheerful. It will also add a unique touch to each room as you can choose lamps that fit your taste. Another way to make the house feel more alive is to open the curtains, shades and windows when possible. Just be aware that this can quickly increase the temperature in your house during the hotter months.

Once you’ve tried all of these tricks, your new house should start to feel a little more like your own. Sometimes it just takes time though. Give it a month or two, and you’ll probably start to feel like you’ve lived there your whole life!

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