Top reasons to buy a house in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is considered as the Silicon Valley of Asia. Home to a growing IT & BPO sector, the city attracts thousands of people every year who come to this metropolis for a better career and life. No wonder why the city has been one of the most active residential markets over the last few years. Being a career destination, Bengaluru real estate is in big demand given its obvious advantages.

Complete with a cosmopolitan population, cool weather, job, and income growth potential, this is the city of dreams. Buying a house here is a logical decision for those who want to make the city their new home. There are many reasons why you should own a piece of Bengaluru. Read on.

Multi-cultural city – making a compelling property market

Bengaluru is a megacity. It is one of fastest-growing Indian metropolis. With a wide variety of people migrating to this city, the city is a mixture of different cultures, customs, and modern & old traditions. Though the official language is Kannada, when you live and work in this city you will find that English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu are also spoken widely.

With the explosive growth in the IT & BPO sector, the city has become a hotbed of different types of people coming from both India as well as abroad. This has helped increase the appeal of the city, which is amongst the first to experience positive technological developments. Owning a home in Bengaluru is possible with a home loan.

A home in this city is a great investment not only for you but for your future generations as the city develops and grows bigger. Having a home at the gateway to Southern India’s economy will prove to be a smart decision. Thinking about exploring housing loan options for a home in Bengaluru? Talk to Tata Capital and speed up the process.

Employment growth – driving real estate demand

Bengaluru is well-known for its ever-booming IT parks, which house some of the biggest in the world. This helps drive continuous demand for both rented accommodation and outright purchase of pre-owned properties near the IT parks. The major ones are in Marathahalli and Hebbal.

When you take a home loan and buy a home in these areas, you can expect that aspiring professionals who are coming to this city will make a beeline for the best properties in a few years. Favourities are one-bedroom homes near IT parks.

The employment growth potential should drive demand. Thus, taking a Housing loan to invest in a well-located property will prove to a be wise decision. Since the real estate market in Bengaluru is buoyant, homes come at a premium cost. With a Tata Capital housing loan, owning a home is an affordable decision.

Everything a family needs – education, weather, connectivity

On the connectivity front, Bengaluru’s Namma metro, road, and bus network help people travel all around. If you take home in a locality that is close to business and work hubs, it’s a great investment. Areas like Nayandahalli, Yelankha, Hebbal, HSR Layout, Sarjapur Road and Electronic city are good spots.

Plus, the weather in Bengaluru is fantastic. It is neither cold nor humid. Since geographically Bengaluru is almost equidistant from both the equator and the tropic of cancer it does not experience extreme weather conditions. Because it’s above sea level, it offers cool weather and comfortable living

Being the Garden City of India, Bengaluru is also renowned for its greenery and the number of public parks. The moderate climatic conditions enhance the appeal of owning a home in this city. So, take a housing loan from Tata Capital and secure a piece of land you can call your very own here.

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