The Five Secrets About Flower Delivery that Only a Handful of People Know

Getting the most out of your next flower order is easier than you think then you follow advice from the pros like the five important secrets explained below.

1. Ordering Same-Day with No Limits on Your Selection is Possible

There was a time when ordering at the last minute meant your choice often were curtailed to only a few items. Now better local florists not only offer wider selections, but have streamlined the ordering process making it possible to enjoy a much broader selection no matter when you’re ordering. This means its easier than ever to delight the special people in your life with fresh-cut blooms exactly matched to the colors, blooms and style you know they will love the most.

2. Out-of-the-Ordinary Seasonal Flowers Often Make the Surprise Even Better

Of course, the first priority when ordering the best Flower Delivery Upper East Side has to offer is bringing a smile. But an element of surprise is nearly equally important, which means finding something unique and unconventional is a priority. Choosing from a larger collection and keeping an eye out for in-season blossoms that are less well-known helps make for more memorable gifting. All of us remember the first time for something, and laying eyes on unusual blooms is always a treat.

3. Classic Rose Bouquets Can be Reimagined in Contemporary Silhouettes to Make them Look New

The rose is a global icon of beauty and perfection, but it shows up all too often in floral arrangements that are in desperate need of an update. At top-rated local florists like Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design in New York City, creators work tirelessly to propose modern solutions to the best-known and most-loved rose bouquets. If you’ve been shying away from sending these beauties, click through some of the finer selections found online and you will easily come across gorgeous new options.

4. Orchids or Calla Lilies in White are the Quintessential Modern Flowers

Even if your personal style is more traditional and romantic, there are those who people are modernists at heart. For them, luxury is all about orchids and calla lilies in floral arrangements that are precise, tightly shaped and very likely monochromatic. Clear glass vases display the entire blossom from stem to bloom in a pure, straightforward manner. Beauty is achieved by the precise, sculpted silhouettes that project an elegant simplicity. Often with more stems than other types, these are elegant and expensive.

5. Sustainable Plants are a Great Alternative to Cut Flowers for Earth-Friendly People

Have you ever thought about sending a blooming orchid plant in place of cut blooms? With sustainability more on people’s mind’s today, it really is a genius idea. Phalaenopsis in pure white is an ultimate choice, but the hybrid doritaenopsis varieties with variegated blossoms on fuchsia or purple and white are trending and gain in popularity every week. When carefully placed in moderate sunlight and watered properly, they can be longer lasting.

Make sure to choose what you love every time your order flowers, but keep these tips in mind for a better experience – and a fun surprise for the person receiving your gift when you send something new.

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