Random Orbital Sanders Vs Finishing Sanders

A lot of times, sanding is an enjoyable and relaxing task. It is mindless and the fruit of your work can be noticed immediately. The work will become still more efficient and enjoyable if you are using the right sander for the job. Here, this article is all about the most common types of power sanders like the random orbital sanders vs finish sanders.

Random orbital sanders

It is one of the right options if you need to take off layers and layers of the rough materials. It also helps in controlling and manipulating more by the user when compared to the sheet sanders. Since these are the circular sanders that are attached to the sanding disc, the disc will be able to spin and orbital elliptically at the same time. Due to this action, the RO sanders are much less likely when compared to the sheet sanders in leaving marks on the materials.

Features of the Random orbital sanders

  • It is powerful and good for the layer of rough stock
  • It rarely leaves huge swirl marks
  • There are wide ranges of use and it can be easily manipulated to be used for some finish works
  • It offers better dust collections

Finishing sanders

The name says that there is something related to the sheet. Yes, the finishing sanders are also called as the sheet sanders. The sheet sander intended use for the sheet or finish sander. These sheets are generally a good deal less powerful when compared to the RO sanders. These are best used for the offering finishing before applying paint, lacquer, finish or soothing else.

For the jobs that need a 90-degree angle, it is the right option since it has the square shape pad and it is appropriate to use them for your jobs. These sheets cannot be used for the quick blowing through and taking layers of materials off. Even if you try them there are lots of chances to lose the piece of sand powers without any high progress in the stack. One of the huge advantages is that cost factor. They are less expensive when compared to RO sanders. A standard sheet can be easily picked up without any hard and huge expenses.

Features of Sheet sanders

  • It is the best option for finish work
  • It is available in the affordable price
  • It offers a great option for the 90-degree angles

Key thoughts

Thus, a finishing sander is lightweight and easy to control with one hand. While on the other hand, the random-orbit sander has a round sanding pad which is good for tiny objects. Both the tools cannot be used for heavy stock removal, yet both are very versatile when it comes to design, compact housing and other features.

All the machines are made for some of the needs and it is important at some part of life and work. Make sure you make wise comparison among the random orbital sanders vs finishing sanders to make the right selection for all the activities. Make use of such efficient tools to have the most efficient work!

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